Black Friday
Black Friday

Black Friday buying tips to really save you money

Black Friday is meant to save us money, yet many of us end up spending far more than we would otherwise. There are still ways to make Black Friday work for you. We are sharing some of our top tips on getting the most out of Black Friday deals to actually save you money… The way it should be!

Black Friday buying tips

How to draw up your Black Friday wish list

One of the biggest challenges we face on Black Friday is distraction. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you need and what you want, getting lost in the discounts is too easy! Creating your Black Friday wish list won’t just keep you from buying things randomly that catch your eye… It will also ensure you are getting a genuine bargain on the things you really want.

Do careful research when drawing up your list. Firstly, search the items you want and get a firm idea on what they cost on any other day. And then do a price comparison and keep track of who is already offering the best price on those items! Lastly, be sure to check delivery policies on items. Once those sweet Black Friday deals get out, you will quickly know where to get the very best buy without any nasty surprises.

Take careful note of the make and model number of the item you want, because sales copy can be tricky. You don’t want to end up with an old version or a lesser brand.

What goes on your Black Friday wish list

Not everything on sale should be bought. You probably don’t need a TV that is only an inch bigger than your current one just because it says 50% off… So, what should be on your Black Friday wish list? 

Everyday items

For the biggest savings, think of daily household items that last forever. Things like toilet paper, canned goods, toothpaste, deodorant… Bulk buying these items with discounts is definitely going to save you in the long run. These items are the things you run out of at the last minute and cannot do without, so you end up buying them wherever is closest… Which is almost always NOT cheapest.

Subscriptions services

Using the Enjoy Flowers subscription service as an example; we offer Black Friday deals that allow you to save large sums and get returns all year round. Beautiful fresh flowers can affect your daily mood and your personal spaces… They are a special treat, a gift to yourself. This also means that in the expense of daily life, they will be the first thing to fall off your shopping list. Black Friday can make sure that you get your 12-months of fresh flowers, no matter what unexpected stresses occur… Quite often lightening your mood exactly when it is most needed!

Black Friday buying tips to really save you money

Other subscription services to look out for that will save you… Magazines, razer blades, wine of the month, audiobooks, the things that bring you JOY, may offer discounted prices for Black Friday. A reduced once-off cost will save you a lot of accumulating smaller costs you rack up month to month and ensure you keep self-care a priority.


You can definitely save when buying gifts for the people in your life. Work out an exact budget per person and find 3 things that will really make them feel special. (That way you don’t need to on-the-spot browsing and can stick to your list.) Getting all your Christmas shopping done will be great, but if you find more than 1 of the 3 things on the day, you can take care of birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions too!

For those closest to you, a discount might just mean you can spend extra on them and give them a proper spoil. Gift cards are an amazing way to take full advantage of this. Enjoy Flowers, along with many others, sell gift cards for those that you know will get the most joy from making their own choices.

Black Friday buying tips to really save you money

Bring on Black Friday

Once you have your budget outline and your research-rich wish list, there are only a few last things to do before hitting the sales on Black Friday. Your research will show you which are the best stores, physical or online, to find the things you want most.

Before Black Friday arrives, sign up for their newsletters and follow their pages on social media. Besides being the first to know of their Black Friday deals, they may offer further exclusive deals to loyal followers.

For the online stores, create an actual wish list or begin to fill your cart. Many online stores send alerts when there are specials on your wish list items, while others will automatically apply the special offers to the items in your cart… Bringing you one step closer to saving time and money!

If you are heading to physical stores, remember a few key things. Plan your route carefully, starting with the things you want most. Double check when the stores begin their specials, as if they open their doors at midnight on the 22nd, that dream item will likely be gone when you arrive at 9am. Give smaller businesses a chance as well! They may not have the advertising budget to blast their Black Friday sales, but many will have them.

Black Friday buying tips to really save you money

And lastly, consider the time that you might spend standing in queues or sitting in traffic… There is no value if the time spent is worth more than the money saved!

What is the top thing on your Black Friday wish list?


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