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Gifts for couples: make an impression with your gift

The holiday season is speedily approaching. It’s almost time to look up new and exciting Christmas desserts and to go Christmas gift shopping. You could even give DIY Christmas gifts a bash this year? We would like to give you some tips on gifts for couples to get each other.

A gift can help you show your partner how special they are to you, especially if their love language is gifts! Demonstrate your affection with a gift that shows that you know what makes them tick.

When deciding on the gift, it’s important to consider what type of gift would be meaningful to your partner: for example, does he or she enjoy traveling, or is there a sport or hobby that they invest a lot of their time in. Are they more sentimental, and so would prefer a gift that they can hold onto as a fond memory, or do they enjoy more temporary gifts, like beautiful flowers or tasty treats? Another thing to consider is the packaging. A gift is a whole experience: the wrapping paper, gift card and accessories, and obviously the gift itself. Do they appreciate the finer details and effort involved in pretty wrapping paper and a handmade card, or are they happy with a cardboard box or recycled wrapping paper from last Christmas?

Gifts for couples to gift each other with:

Something a little bit different

·         A surprise weekend away: Why not add an element of surprise. Choose a destination, pack your partner’s luggage, and head on your way.

·         A series of lessons for your partner’s hobby.

Sentimental gifts

·         A journal: What I love about you journal. It’s not as cheesy as you may think

·         Photo frame/ album with meaningful photos

·         A wood calendar with photos of you together

Gifts that are here today and gone tomorrow

·         A signature bottle of wine, or a good whiskey

·         Delicious handcrafted chocolates

·         A flower subscription from enjoy flowers

Personalized holiday gifts

Customized personalization—names, monograms, and pictures—add an extra zing to a classic gift:

·         Simply TLC: Plush personalized bathrobes

·         Fingerprint heart necklace

·         The coordinates of where you first met, engraved on a dainty bar necklace

Why not impress your partner with one of these fabulous DIY Christmas gifts?

Some of the best gifts are homemade ones, something that you cannot buy. Create a gift with your partners favorite colors, or memories of your favorite vacation together.

·         A date jar: A jar full of his and her future date inspiration.

·         A travel picture frame with a photograph of one of your trips together.

Be inspired by these ideas on gifts for couples to give each other. Make this Christmas a special one for your loved one.

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