• A woman holds a palette full of colorful paints as she works on a piece featuring pink flowers. A bouquet of red flowers is seen in the background.
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    A Comprehensive Look at Art’s Greatest Muse: The Flower

    Calling all Art History majors, minors, and art fans! Today’s class is about the most precious, stunning, and complex subject that’s graced everything from the walls of caves to the halls of the Louvre: flowers! And we’re not going to take just a superficial look; we’re going to discuss symbolism, theme, brushwork, composition, and more! Is it because of their beauty? Well, partially. But there are numerous elements that make flowers the ideal subject to paint, sketch, and even physically incorporate into pieces. Over the course of centuries, artists have featured blooms and botanicals in their work because: Flowers capture symbolism. An artist can transmit powerful emotions like elation, love,…