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Celebrating 2 Years of Fresh Flowers!

As a family who has been in the business of delivering joy, in the form of fresh flowers, for nearly fifty years – we know how to make every moment special!

Bouquets brighten up rooms, inspire smiles, and create bonds! We’re committed to bringing beautiful, fresh flowers directly to your home because we believe joy should be experienced even on the most ordinary days.

To put it simply, out mission is to make flowers a part of your everyday life…

The beautiful blooms you enjoy are cut on our farms in Colombia, lovingly packaged and delivered directly to your doorstep. This allows for exceptional quality and an extra week of freshness (did you know store-bought bouquets can spend up to two weeks just being transported?!).

Once a month, or every two weeks, you can enjoy custom arrangements designed by our in-house designer, Hernando, who has over 15 years of experience crafting masterpieces. He adores what he does and always wows, with each and every arrangement.

We make it simple to enjoy flowers as a part of your regular routine with with  “set it and forget it” model! Flower subscriptions ensure everyone can all indulge in the luxury of fresher, better flowers with reliability!

Here’s what a few of our amazing clients are saying:

The quality goes beyond what you’d ever expect and their customer service is very prompt and professional. Enjoy Flowers is the only florist I will use from now on.
– Ivette


Obsessed. They are fresh, gorgeous, and bloom into magic. I love them so much I got my mother, mother in law and aunt a subscription too.
– Aly


If you want to say I REALLY LOVE YOU with flowers, these are the ones.
– Joe

So, now you know how we work and why we’re wild about bringing beautiful bouquets to households across the nation every month… Are you curious to hear about the inspiring women who make your Enjoy Flower experience possible?


Not only do we have both a female co-founder and CEO, but most of the team on our Colombian farms made up of bright, passionate women, too! This month, we’re excited to be celebrating these women behind the bouquets as part of our 2 year anniversary.

Meet the women behind the bouquets + grab an exclusive anniversary deal to celebrate (to be announced in a few days! Stay tuned…)


2 Years of Fresh Flowers, Luxurious Experiences & Inspirational Women

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