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Fresh Flowers Are Key To A Happy & Welcoming Space!

We only get one chance to make a great first impression! That’s why fresh flowers are the perfect addition to bring a little life to any workspace. Whether you have a charming little boutique or a large corporate lobby to decorate, welcoming guests, clients and employees with the joy of beautiful bouquets is always a great idea.

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Imagine a calmer, more inspiring space! Where employees are happy, motivated and friendly. Research continually connects fresh-cut-flowers and plants with well-being and improved mood! Why not lean into what science is saying and spruce your space up with colorful blooms?

The great news? Having fresh flowers is no longer high maintenance! We’ve made it easy and affordable for businesses (little to large) to enjoy expertly designed, fully-arranged, bouquets, delivered directly!

Our flowers subscriptions are ideal for restaurants, co-working spaces, spas, retail shops, hotels, and salons! Plus, you can rest easy knowing these flowers come straight from our eco-friendly farms to you with a 7 day freshness guarantee and free shipping.

Fresh flowers in your workspace can:

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Produce clean air
  3. Increase creativity
  4. Reduce sickness
  5. Reduce stress
  6. Create a welcoming atmosphere for guests, clients and employees
  7. Set the tone for a warm, trustworthy client relationship
  8. Provide beautiful, cost-effective decor

The lobby is where the experience of each of your guests, clients and employees begins. It’s the ideal place to set the tone with warm, welcoming energy. The simple addition of fresh flowers can be the subtle difference you need to create a positive, productive atmosphere for your employees and a happy, memorable one for customers.


Our business flower subscriptions enable you to create a wonderful workspace, without breaking the budget!

Are you ready to hear the details of how Enjoy Flowers can elevate your workspace? We’re here to help!

Please take a moment to fill out the survey below and our team will create a custom quote to fit your needs and budget.


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