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3 De-stressing Trends To Try This Season

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Summer seems to be the cheeriest of seasons, but we can still experience dips in mood and spikes in stress. We’ve gathered a few de-stressing trends to test out! Join us in making little efforts that’ll produce big changes and enjoy this sunny season even more.

1. Make time for fresh air

We know, it’s hot out as summer begins… but a little fresh air can go a long way when you’re trying to de-stress! Consider having your morning coffee on the patio, it’ll set the tone for a lovely day. Plus, time outside can strengthen your immune system, increase serotonin and aid in digestion!

2. Choose Foods Mindfully

It’s amazing how the food you choose, can drive your mood! Some fish, for example, has been proven immensely powerful in preventing depression, stabilizing mood and increasing serotonin levels! Pro tip: for fish, specifically, choose varieties with high protein and omega 3 fatty acid content (the #1 pick is salmon).

3. Enjoy Fresh Flowers

The benefits of fresh flower bouquets reach far beyond the way they brighten your home! In an article for The New York Post, Rutgers University professor of psychology, Jeannette Haviland-Jones, said “Science shows that not only do flowers make us happier, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well-being.” Pro tip: Choose eucalyptus, lavender and roses for maximum de-stressing!

Bonus Strategy: Keep a Gratitude Journal

You may think, “No way! I’m not adding one more thing to my day…”, but hear us out. Jotting down 3 quick things you’re grateful for at the close of each day can do so much for your mindset. This little daily habit trains your mind to focus on, and look for, the positives in life. Plus, as your body physically reacts to your thoughts, you’ll be triggering happy hormones to end the day!

Now, you’re equipped to fight back against those pesky low moods that seem to hang around. We hope you’ll say “see ya” to stress by trying these tips and enjoying flowers with us!

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