Three women work diligently on the sustainable Enjoy flowers farm.
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Meet The Women Behind the Bouquets

We’re so grateful for the incredible, inspiring women who bring your Enjoy Flowers experience to life.

Today, we have 5 women we’d love to introduce you to. Now each month when you receive your beautiful, fresh flowers… they’ll mean even more, as you know the people who create them with love.

Six smiling women from the Enjoy Flowers team stand holding bouquets on the flower farm in Colombia.

Meet Alejandra

Alejandra loves the song Amor Depredador (by The Mills) and enjoys reading for school or for fun! She adores yellow lilies and is known for her perseverance – she’s a woman who never gives up on her dreams. Her proudest moment is her graduation day!

Meet Leidy

Leidy is a patient, loving mom! Her happiest moments are with her family, and when she knows her daughters are taken care of. She loves eating pasta, listening to anything by “Los Inquietos del Vallenato” and pom pom flowers!

Meet Erika

Erika dreams big and loves to spend time with her family! When she has a little downtime she enjoys listening to music, reading and watching a good movie. She’s beloved by her friends and family for being unfailingly kind. Her favorite flowers are gorgeous garden roses!

Meet Elsa

Elsa is an incredible, proud mom! Her happiest moments are spending time with her son and her proudest moment is the day he came into this world. She loves playing soccer, always craves grilled steak and fills her vases with lilies!

Meet Diana

Diana is a hardworking mother who spends her free time with her family, reading or listening to her favorite tunes. Right now, she’s loving the song Señor Prohibido (Forbidden Man) by Arecis Enao. She’s known for her sunny personality and for being the happiest person in any room!


The entire Enjoy Flowers team is excited to celebrate these women’s day. We’re glad you’re getting the chance to know them better as we commemorate this anniversary!

Five smiling women from the Enjoy Flowers team hold large bouquets while standing by pink, purple, and yellow flowers.

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