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Keep These Plants Away From Your Cat

There are several flowers that will make you cat (or dog!) sick and they happen to be the best-selling, most flagrant-smelling plants in the flower market. But everything that’s beautiful is not always good for you. Keep your flowers away from your pets by placing them on elevated surfaces that your pets know better not to bother.

This is most likely the center of the kitchen table or any table that’s bigger or taller than your pet. It is also a good idea to thoroughly care for  these types of poisonous plants that are living in your house with your beloved pets.

Here are some tips to help care for your pets and flowers.

1. Lilies, Baby’s Breath, daisies, azaleas, tulips, Chrysanthemum and english ivy are just a few plants that are toxic to cats and dogs. If you train a pet properly, they will know that your plants are not food.

2. Proper maintenance is key, especially for flowers like Lilies, whose pollen is known to stain clothes when they start to wilt. Consequently, this is also not good for rambunctious pets who like to smell everything!

3. If anything, cats are only attracted to plants in the mint family. Kitties also love gnawing on lemongrass.

4. As mentioned above, keep your precious plants away from your pets, especially when they are puppies and kittens. Huge bouquets and other vases that weigh a ton or are worth a lot should be supported by a study table or plant stand.

5. Avoid dangling plants like elephant ears and english ivy because they too are toxic to your small creatures. These plants have a tendency to grow wilding outside of their potted area and can be harmful to animals if consumed.

6. If your pet happens to swallow or take a nibble of one of you beloved plants, don’t panic and do not try to induce vomiting with syrup. The ASPCA advises that the first thing you should do is go to the veterinarian and bring along the plant your cat has swallowed as evidence. At the hospital, your vet will be able to determine how to best bring relief to your pet.

7. When in doubt, keep plants away from your cats and train them not to play with  plant stems or petals.


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