A close-up of a Pink Charmelia plant shows that a number of blooms can be found on one stem. The word Charmelia is written in gray cursive.
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The Charming Charmelia®: A New Standout in the Luxury Flower Market

Are you familiar with the relatively new variety known as Charmelia®? Meaning “charming beauty,” this stunner hit the premium flower market fewer than 10 years years ago. So if you’re not familiar with it, welcome to the Charmelia® fan club! It’s nice to have you; we’re the club’s founding members, and if you make it to the end of this article, you’ll likely want to join the club as well!

The Charmelia® Origin Story

You may not know Charmelia®, but you’ve likely heard of Alstroemeria. Charmelia® and Alstroemeria are related, so you’ll see some similarities when it comes to size, look, and color. It’s important to know that Charmelia® is a completely different variety, though. It’s common to see new colors or shades of flowers, but it’s rare to find a new variety entirely. So how did Charmelia® come to be? First introduced in 2014, at the International Floriculture Expo, and developed by Jardines de Los Andes, we have this variety thanks to a process known as plant breeding. Read on for more insight into the process (your Biology 101 class from college is about to be put to use, finally). 

Genetic diversity, or the genetic characteristics possible within a species (take, for example, the different varieties of lilies and the varying characteristics of each), makes breeding new and unique types of flowers, like Charmelia®, a possibility. By crossbreeding different varieties, breeders can achieve the specific characteristics they desire for a given flower. The goal of plant breeding varies depending on the breeder’s preferences but may include traits like the smell, color, size, or the type of flower altogether. In the case of Charmelia®, crossbreeding made it long-lasting, durable, and colorful, but we’ll get more into all of that below.  

Characteristics of Charmelia®

Are you sitting down? You should before you go on to the next sentence. Charmelia® lasts for around 21 days. Yes, you read that correctly, 3 weeks! How? Charmelia® does not drop flowers, allowing the plant to stay and look healthier longer. It grows in an upward firework-like pattern and boasts 20 blooms per stem. Compare this to Alstroemeria, which only has 4-6 blooms per stem, and you’ll see how you can get quite the bang for your buck with Charmelia®. 

Because of their hearty size, Charmelia® makes a great bouquet showstopper or is perfect as a unique and colorful bouquet filler. (Once you see this flower in person, you’ll never use the word “filler” to ever describe it.) Charmelia® will keep you endlessly delighted as its color evolves while blooming. You’ll observe an evolution of shades of cream, white, pink, and fuchsia. Plus, Charmelia® has full and long stems, which work for all different types of vases and bouquet styles. 


Because of its delicate yet sturdy stems, Charmelia® is a great variety for all types of events and special occasions. It’s especially popular for weddings because it gives any arrangement a soft, feminine feel and lasts for an extensive amount of time (which means less stress on your special day). They also provide a perfect pop of pretty for corsages, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.

See It to Believe It

Being that Charmelia® is a new and exclusive variety, it can be difficult to get your hands on in the United States. Can you guess where it isn’t difficult to get? On our farms in Colombia where Charmelia® is grown. Get to know this durable and absolutely adorable variety by trying the Enjoy Flowers’ Designer Collection. This collection features 30-35 stems of the world’s most premium varieties like protea, garden roses, scabious, Charmelia®, and oh so many more breathtaking varieties. 

The best part? You get to enjoy a new design each month. All of our bouquets are hand-crafted by our floral designer Hernandez Salazar and are representative of the season. There’s something to surprise and delight each month!  They also last twice as long as store-bought flowers. How? We cut out the middleman. Want more information on this process? Comment below and we’d be happy to cover that topic. 

But for now, what are you waiting for? The 2015 FloraHolland Glazen Tulip Award winner is waiting to make your day, week, and month! 

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