Anniversary gifts

Anniversary gifts: help your parents to celebrate in a different way

Romance is something which never gets old. The first thing we see when we fall in love life gets brighter and happier. However, sometimes some couples, after a certain amount of time together, forget how to reconnect to each other. This type of situation is more common in a married couple, usually because of the routine that gets them ‘trapped’ in a work-children-gym-social life set. And sometimes parents need a little help of their children to not fall into a routine. Why not help your parents to celebrate the anniversary in a different way? No ideas about anniversary gift? Don’t worry. Keep up with us and get some ideas just down below:

1.    Make a special dinner yourself

Red roses and candles around the house, on the bed, on the dinner table… Everywhere. That will give a romantic scenario to the night. After opening a bottle of wine, give your partner some hugs and kisses, show him/her your ability: to cook a special meal! Can be beef with homemade mashed potatoes, fish with asparagus, chicken with salad… The most important is: to show to your partner that he/she is SPECIAL. And don’t forget the flowers!

Anniversary gifts

2.    A romantic picnic 

A basket, bikes, sunflowers to decorate and a light lunch. Can be a tuna sandwich with a beer or wine, white wine, and a fish salad, sushi, and red wine… Some food, some sunflowers and a sunny day. That will show him/her your love. And your kindness to think about an outdoor day. 

Anniversary gifts

3.    A fun happy hour

As Italian people say: “happy hour is the happier time of the day”. And why not help your parents to MAKE one at home? Some rose and white wines, some tapas and some colorful purslanes around the place will give a special touch to the moment. 

Anniversary gifts

4.    A pregame before a fun party

Sometimes some couples like to celebrate anniversaries with parties and this is super-duper normal. However, it is important to have time alone to talk, tell each other how important they are and how much they have been through. And for that, maybe some tacos with a beer can be easy and cheap, right? Add a bouquet of colorful flowers and everything will be better. Waaaay better. 

Sometimes an anniversary gift can be just a meal. But a meal made with love. And special moments ask for flowers. Sunflowers, roses, hydrangeas… No matter which one is your parents’ favorite, the most important is to make it get on their hands and make this first moment very special and romantic. But keep something in mind: flowers are not just for anniversaries or special moments, but anytime.

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