A couple is checking out the different varieties in an Enjoy bouquet as the girlfriend smells a salmon-colored rose.

Choose the perfect flower for any occasion

You know that flowers are always a good idea… But did you also know that every flower is unique? This means there is a perfect flower for every occasion! Our family has been working with flowers for more than fifty years. Our flowers tell stories and we are so happy to be sharing their stories to become part of yours. Let us help you find the perfect flower for every occasion!

The perfect flower to celebrate a new baby

Flowers are a celebration of life. It follows that there is no better time to find the perfect flower than when celebrating a new baby! The story you want your flowers to tell are of love, luck, new beginnings and rebirth… Remember, the birth of a baby is also the rebirth of a woman as a mother. Any one of the following is the perfect flower to give a new mother… Or, even better of course, put them together in a celebratory bouquet.

  • White carnations symbolise pure love and luck, which is something all new parents need.
  • Daisies represent purity, innocence and new beginnings… They also evoke feelings of happiness, joy and prosperity.
  • The beautiful yellow daffodil is known to mean new beginnings and rebirth.
White wildflowers pop up everywhere in a field.

As an alternative, or an addition, to the above, you could also choose to gift them with the flower that represents the birth month of their baby.

The perfect flower for a Birthday

Did you know that there is a flower, sometimes more than one, associated with the month of your birth? The person you are gifting the flowers to may not even know this… So you will be giving a gorgeous, personal and meaningful gift!

  • January Flower – carnation, snowdrop
  • February Flower – violet, primrose
  • March Flower – daffodil
  • April Flower – daisy, sweet pea
  • May Flower – lily of the valley, hawthorn
  • June Flower – rose,  honeysuckle
A bouquet of multi-colored roses sits on a black table.
  • July Flower – larkspur, water lily
  • August Flower – gladiolus, poppy
  • September Flower – aster, morning glory
  • October Flower – marigold. cosmos
  • November Flower – chrysanthemum
  • December Flower – poinsettia, narcissus (paperwhite), holly

The perfect flower for an Anniversary

While roses are the standard gift of love, especially when celebrating an anniverary or other romantic days… There are also many other gorgeous flowers that share deep meaning.

For instance, the Matsumoto Aster in red means “undying devotion” and is a “talisman of love and a symbol of patience”. What wonderful messages to share with the one you love! Or how about Hydrangeas? The pink hydrangea has ties to romance, heartfelt emotions, love, weddings and marriage. Where the purple hydrangea is a symbol of desire for deeper understanding, whih is something every couple could use.

Beyond the symbolism, there is also a perfect flower for each anniversary year…

  • 1 year – Carnations for lasting vows, also commitment and joy for the future.
  • 2 year – The lily of the valley shows the purity of your relationship, modesty and devotion.
  • 3 year – Sunflowers have ties to loyalty and fidelity.
  • 4 year – Hydrangeas, which we spoke of above.
  • 5 year – Daisies. Because daisies are composed of two flowers that blend together so well, they embody true love.
  • 6 year– Calla lilies speak of the beauty of a couple’s love.
  • 7 year– Freesias stand for trust and faithfulness.
  • 8 year – Lilacs symbolically remind people of the first blush of love.
  • 9 year – Bird of paradise flowers are beautiful and dramatic. They are also a sign of faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness.
  • 10 year – A simple yellow daffodil has 6 petals. According to numerology, Venus is the governess of the number 6… So the number conveys a sense of love, brought to life in the flower.
  • 11 year – Red tulips bring their message of passion and perfect love.
  • 12 year – The red peony shows honor and fortune, while pink peonies are the flower of romance.
  • 13 year – Chrysanthemums represent lasting friendship, support, family, loyalty and devotion.
  • 14 year – Orchids have many meanings, with every colour offering a message worth remembering in marriage… Passion, desire, strength, grace, happiness, reverence, humility, admiration, and respect.
  • 15 year – And finally, at 15 years, the rose. The flower most associated with love all over the world.

The perfect flower for Mother’s Day, Women’s Day or Friendship Day

A mom and her child pick a large blue flower in a field full of wildflowers.

There is magic in women… Both in the relationships with them and those between them. Celebrating mothers, friends or women in general can always be done with flowers. Show love, honor, appreciation and friendship to the important women in your life with the perfect flower or collection of flowers.

  • Give pink carnations to show the love of a woman or a mother.
  • Orange lilies will share feelings of respect and honor.
  • Pink calla lilies speak of elegance, appreciation and admiration.
  • Alstroemerias are the flower of friendship.
  • The gorgeous uniqueness of the blue tulip brings trust and loyalty to the phrase “true blue”.

There is a perfect flower for every occasion and for every person in your world. A beautiful bouquet will always bring joy into a room, but it can do so much more… Choosing the right type of flower as a gift can bring deep meaning and feeling, showing how much you care.

What is your favorite occasion to spoil someone with flowers?

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