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12 Pet-Approved Varieties You Need in Your Vase Now!

Love having fresh flowers around the house but worried about the safety of your curious cats and canines? That’s a common concern for pet lovers everywhere, but don’t fret—you can have your flowers and enjoy them too!

While there are a number of plants and flowers that are poisonous to cats, dogs, and other pets, there are many that are completely safe and pet-friendly! But as with anything related to the health of your pets, do be sure to follow up with your vet if you have any specific questions or concerns. Also, try to keep all flowers and plants out of reach of your pets, because too much of anything can be harmful. 


A woman at a picnic with wine, food, and a bouquet of Callas, hydrangea, and roses is petting a dog.

Without further ado, here are 12 of our favorite varieties that are safe to have around pets (note that some are safe for both cats and dogs, while others are only safe for one or the other. Again, reach out to a veterinary professional for specifics). Plus! We’ve included some helpful resources for concerned pet owners at the end.


Good news! One of the most popular flower varieties—roses—is non-toxic to pets! But it’s not as simple as it may seem. Note that there are some varieties that have “rose” in their name, but do not actually belong to the same flower family. To make sure that the rose is safe to have around pets, be sure that it’s part of the Rosacea family.


A moving GIF shows a woman holding a small panting dog in front of a field of pink and white roses.

*Be careful with thorns! To make roses even safer to have near your furry friends, remove individual thorns using floral scissors or clippers. It’s best to wear gloves while doing this (gotta protect yourself too)!

Gerbera Daisies

These daisy babies are an all-time favorite perennial that comes in almost all colors (besides blue—if you find a blue daisy, you’ll know that it’s likely artificial). Rest assured that you AND your pets are safe with daisies around. Their petals and blossoms are actually often used in desserts, salads, teas, and cocktails.


A moving GIF zooms in on the tiny details of a fresh white gerbera daisy.


We are totally team Snapdragons for many reasons. One, Snapdragons thrive in cold weather. Two, they blossom in just about every hue you can imagine. Three, they are not only non-toxic to dogs and cats but to horses as well. Doesn’t get much better than that, eh? We say neighhh!


A moving GIF shows a black and white cat smelling a flower in a little pot set on an open book.


Pet-unias are absolute stunners that bloom from spring until frost, but are they pet-friendly? We are happy to say that, yes, yes they are! Not only are they pet-friendly, but they are also sometimes used as food and cocktail garnish. Did you know that they have a sweet and spicy taste? We tried it so you don’t have to!


A moving GIF shows a black and white dog turning its head looking at a tree of flowers.


There’s no denying that sunflowers are pretty much the golden child of floral favorites. Not only are there over 60 varieties of sunflowers that sprout in different shades and sizes, but sunflowers are also generally pet-friendly. So keep filling your home with natural sunshine—Fido will love it too!

A big, fluffy white dog's head peeks out of a field of bright yellow sunflowers.


Our monthly subscriptions are known as the gift that keeps on giving. But do you know which bloom is the flower that keeps on giving? Zinnias! The more you cut the zinnia flower, the more it produces new flower buds. Great right? But that’s not it! Zinnias are also non-toxic to pets. So truly, the flower that keeps on giving!

An orange, white, and black butterfly lands on a bright yellow and red flower in a field.

Bonus Round of Pet-Friendly Blooms!

And it doesn’t stop there! There are many other show-stopping varieties that are safe to have on hand in a home full of pets. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Orchids
  • Pansies
  • African Violet
  • Grape Hyacinth
  • Camellia*
  • Nasturtium*

*Safe exclusively for dogs

A woman seated on a couch next to her Corgi arranges the flowers she received from Enjoy Flowers.

How about varieties that are unsafe for your furry friends? Refer to the ASPCA website for a comprehensive list of plants that are not pet-friendly.

Resources Every Animal Lover Should Have on Hand! 

What should you do if your four-legged friend gets into something they shouldn’t? 

It is always best practice to be prepared, especially when it comes to the safety of your precious pets. First, consider making a Pet First Aid Kit to have on hand. It is a one-time purchase that may end up being useful for other issues that may come up.   

What should you do if your pet starts having a bad reaction to a flower or plant? 

A white and gray husky looks off to the side with a fresh bouquet of daisies on its head.

It’s important to immediately reach out to a professional to assist you. Follow this comprehensive list of steps to take (including a phone number) to guide you along.

Now take your newfound knowledge and fill your home with blooms that not only brighten your spaces and your mood but also keep Lassie and Whiskers safe!

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