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5 Flower Varieties That Celebrate Your Closest Friendships!

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” 

 — Helen Keller

February is about celebrating all beautiful manifestations of love, not just romantic love! This week, we challenge you to focus on the precious friendships, old and new, that you have in your life. Think about your childhood best friend, your work BFF, your newest pals, and your biggest cheerleaders! Meditate on how each of them blesses your life in a unique way. 

This week let’s honor our closest friends through our favorite medium—flowers! Read on for 5 blooms that perfectly represent the powerful virtues of our most precious friendships.

5 of Our Favorite Friendly Flower Varieties

1. Begonia

Three pots of purple, orange, and lilac begonia plants sit on the edge of a white window sill.

Begonia symbolizes harmonious connections!

This variety reminds us of those friends who just get us; someone who not only finishes our sentences but sometimes even starts them! This week, reach out to that pal who always makes things easier—whether it’s giving great advice or sending the perfect text right when you need it—because those friends, those are keepers!

2. Hydrangea

A woman holds a large bouquet of green, white, and blue hydrangea as she enjoys the natural sunlight.

Hydrangea symbolizes honesty and deep understanding!

Hydrangea reminds us of that one pal who’s your lifeline for all of life’s big decisions. They’re on your speed dial for big questions like “should I leave my job?” or “should I go back to school?” or even bigger questions like “do these shoes go with this outfit?” Hang on tight to confidants like these, because they’re hard to come by!

3. Chrysanthemum

Purple chrysanthemums pop up all over a blooming field of flowers on a sunny day.

Chrysanthemum embodies joy and optimism!

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, represent one of the best parts of friendship: pure, blissful joy! When the going gets tough…we get to calling our friends to remind us that better days are ahead. This week, take the time to ring up one of those friends to tell them how much happiness they bring into your life, because, you never know, they may be in need of a little joy themselves! 

4. Protea

A woman in a white shirt smiles at the camera as she holds two fresh proteas.
Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

Protea represents courage and transformation!

It’s one thing to have a pal that’s good company during happy hour, but it’s a completely different thing to have a true friend that pushes you to reach for the stars and encourages you to become a better version of yourself. When you look back at the most decisive moments in your life, you’ll remember the endless chats with these friends that helped you gain the courage you needed to get where you are today!

5. Hyacinth

Purple and pink hyacinth pop up all over a blooming field of flowers on a sunny day.

Hyacinth symbolizes playfulness!

Sometimes we take everything just a bit too seriously in life. That’s where great friends come in! Think of those pals who remind you that oftentimes, all you really need is a good laugh. Got a few minutes right now? Go pull up one of those friends on your phone and send them a memory of something hysterical that you’ve been through together. We’re sure that you can both use the laugh!

Tending to Our Most Cherished Friendships

Take this week to celebrate all of the one-of-a-kinda friends that make up your incredible support network. Remember that each person offers unique beauty, color, and variety to your life; each like a stunning flower in a hand-crafted bouquet. 

But just like a flower, you must work to make sure your friendships flourish and grow over the years. So whenever you get that feeling that you should call a friend, text them, or send them a special token of your love (like a bouquet of flowers with varieties that make you think of them), do it! 

Show them that you’re always there for them just like they’re always there for you!

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