Hydrangea: all you should know about it

Whether single or in a relationship, with or without children, nowadays many people seek for a hobby which they can disconnect from the rest of the world and have some quality time. And one of the best – and healthier – hobbies of the present time is gardening. However, between roses, violas and many other types of flowers, gardening for a person who is starting can be difficult. Sometimes even for someone who is a pro. To make life simple, we found out especially for you the best thing you can choose to have at your place:  A hydrangea garden.

Hydrangea, native to Japan and China, is the type of flower which is beautiful and easy to cultivate. Different from roses, these types of flowers remain in the plant for most of the time during the year. They blossom from early spring to late autumn.

Hydrangea: all you should know about it

A word of a specialist

According to Shirsley Souza*, a Brazilian specialist who works with plants for more than two decades, Hydrangea is the best option to put some color in the garden with style. “Red, purple, blue, white… Depending on the acidity of the soil you can find different colors on this type of flower. Blending colors can give your house a unique style. The hydrangeas can also reach from one to up to 15 meters. You can find an infinite variety to work with… Like fences, up to the wall, in horizontal and vertical ways”. Souza also affirms that it is a type of plant easy to find anywhere, especially in the south and North America. Definitively, a hydrangea garden is a must-have.

Hydrangea: all you should know about it

Hydrangeas and health

Besides all of that, hydrangeas can also be used for the medicinal purpose. For many years, this type of plant was used as a healing type of remedy for health issues. It relieves infections of the bladder, prostate and urethra and, also, kidney stones. It is also used to regulate hay fever and as a diuretic. However, if you are using any type of plant with a medicinal purpose, be careful with the dosage.

So, next time you think about gardening, have in mind this many-benefits flower.

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