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Choose a Christmas gift with meaning this Christmas

There is never enough time to show the people you love how much meaning they bring to your life. Why not choose a Christmas gift to remind them all year round? Finding the right gift for someone is as simple as pausing to really think about who they are and who they are to you. Giving them something that brings you to mind throughout the year, even when you can’t be right there, is going to be a winner every time!

Choose a Christmas gift with meaning this Christmas

Choose a Christmas gift with meaning this Christmas

A personally artful Christmas gift

When you think of someone special to you, there is almost always a single moment that perfectly captures your relationship… Often what holds us back from giving a photograph as a Christmas gift is how to display it. The wrong frame can make a gift a gaffe. We really love the idea of frameless pictures – which is exactly what the people over at Fracture do! You simply choose your favourite photograph and Fracture prints it straight onto a piece of glass! Affordable, sustainable and visually stunning, your special moment becomes an easy-to-display work of art to suit any living or working space!

Choose a Christmas gift with meaning this Christmas

A perfectly charming Christmas gift

Jewellery is always a gift that keeps giving, never more so when it says something personal to the receiver. We love the idea of high quality charm bracelets. Purchase a beautiful bracelet with a charm that shares something relating to the bond between you. This also gives you a gift idea for all special occasions, as you can add charms unique to the story you share. You won’t go wrong with any of the charm bracelet choices from Pandora¬†and they create new ideas for every holiday!

Choose a Christmas gift with meaning this Christmas

A seriously smooth Christmas gift

While a shaving kit isn’t a new gift idea; a high quality, affordable, personally engraved razor kit with a blade subscription is! Choose one of the Harry’s gift sets and have the chrome handle engraved with initials. Add on a monthly delivery of new premium quality blades for a low subscription fee and the special gents in your life with be reminded of you with every shave.

A storied Christmas gift

One of our favourite gifts to give has always been books; but figuring out which ones your gift recipient doesn’t already have is challenging. Technology has finally given us a solution in the forms of audiobook subscriptions! Most services give you one free book a month and offer special pricing on further books for more avid readers. Whether your special person is a fan of fiction or non-fiction, romance or crime, with hundreds of thousands of books they can choose from themselves, this is the perfect gift.

Choose a Christmas gift with meaning this Christmas

A class-y Christmas gift

Has your mom mentioned wishing she could ballroom dance? Your best friend dream of cooking Italian? Your partner want to learn to surf? Do it! Do the research and book a class for two. Not only will it mean so much to your someone that you are helping them do something they’ve always wanted to… But it is time set aside to spend with them… And another special something you will have in common.

Choose a Christmas gift with meaning this Christmas

A member-able Christmas gift

There are so many potential memberships you can gift someone that will show them you hear their passions. Choose something that will bring them joy every month. If you have a drinks connoisseur in your life, there are Wine-of-the-Month clubs, Craft Gin or Beer groups… For the nature lover, an annual pass to their favourite national park or private gardens. Museum membership for the history buff. Even a meal-delivery membership for a month of free meals, freeing up time for them to spend on themselves.

A blooming good Christmas gift

Of course we save the best for last! Is there ever a moment in life when flowers don’t bring a moment of happiness into the world? We don’t think there is. Choose a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month Enjoy Flowers subscription and remind the special person in your life that you care. You can add a personal card to arrive with each bouquet, a special message to lift their heart every time! The perfect Christmas gift to remind someone of your love and appreciation, even when you aren’t there in person.

Christmas is often-times the one time of year we splurge to spoil the people we love the most. How we choose to do that spoiling will depend on who we are and who they are. There is something special in knowing that you haven’t only given something they will love… but knowing that the gift will continue bringing them joy throughout the year is priceless.

Choose a Christmas gift with meaning this Christmas

What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

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