A chic living room is decorated with green wallpaper, yellow pillows, wooden tables, and fresh greenery for a clean design.
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Home decor: Simple steps to decorate like an expert

At the end of a long week, your house should be your sanctuary. A place that brings you joy, that welcomes you, and those you love, home… Your home decor should be able to shift and change to always reflect who you are… Impossible? Not if you follow our simple suggestions.

Creating your home decor canvas

Choosing the right colours for the walls, doors and floors can give you endless possibilities! We see it as creating a clean canvas upon which you can paint your personality.

We suggest choosing a shade of white for your walls and large surfaces, such as closets. Elle Decor agrees, saying “90% White, 10% Color” will be on trend for 2019! White opens up the space you are in and gives the perception of light and size.

Home decor: simple steps to decorate like an expert

There is a fair amount of disagreement amongst industry leaders on what to expect in 2019… But they all seem to agree that black has swept into home decor from the fashion world! Search Pinterest for “Home Decor” and one of the first things you will see is black for interior doors. In keeping with our goal of keeping things clean, black is a great companion for your white walls.

As opposed to carpeting, Elle Decor also mentions a trend to light flooring… “In shades of birch, beachy white and light oak, these floors reflect more light…” Woods and laminates “warm up” a room, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Whether your personality calls for overstuffed comfortable couches or minimalist sharp edged furnishings, stick to neutral colors. Neutral doesn’t have to be colourless. According to Homedit, “In home decor, neutral means light to medium colors that work nicely with other colors. That means that most neutrals have different colored undertones like grey, blue, yellow, brown, and green.

All of the above creates the perfect canvas for you to create and update your home decor whenever the urge strikes… with very little effort, for very little money.

Home decor basics

Home decor basics that can begin to add the initial touches of who you are include mirrors, light fixtures, blinds or sheer curtains and bedding. While these should remain white or neutral, the choice of patterns or frames begin to stamp your personality on to the rooms.

Your home decor palette

Your canvas is ready, now you need to choose your palette! We mention above that Elle Decor says 10% color to your 90% white… Besides reflecting your personality, colors can affect your mood and the feeling of a room. So consider your colors and the rooms you use them in carefully.

Home decor: simple steps to decorate like an expert
  • Blues generally induce feelings of calm, centredness, relaxation and serenity. Country Living suggests they are great for bedrooms, bathrooms or family rooms. Keep the shades light but the hues warm. Pastel blues can come across as too cool and darker blues can bring feelings of sadness, so tread lightly.
  • Yellows bring feelings of happiness, energy and welcome. Kitchens and dining rooms benefit from splashes of yellow. Small warning from Fresh Home, too much yellow can give feelings of anger and frustration… Babies are said to cry more in yellow rooms as well!
  • Red is a stimulating color that brings people together and energizes conversation. A great colour for entertainment areas, but not ideal for the bedroom due to its physiological effect.

There is endless information out there on the psychology of color. You can create a space that not only suits your style, but actively brings you peace and joy!

Home decor details

Pillows, throws, full curtains, towels, art, books, bedside lamps, photo frames, crockery, vases… Use the palette you’ve chosen and splash it or carefully place it throughout your waiting rooms. If you fall in love with the Pantone color of the year, these details are simple and affordable enough to change! The canvas you create allows for you to move with the current trends…

Cool down in the Summer by going minimalist with metallic finishes… Bring warmth and life indoors with geometrics and tribal prints when Fall arrives… Embrace Winter Hygge by replacing your bright pillows and throws with fluffy, soft or thick knits. And as Spring sneaks in, splash light happy colours everywhere…

Home decor the finishing touch…

And always, no matter what the weather, have The Garden Collection in your carefully chosen vases. Flowers bring every room to life and some can tell the story of the seasons. A small bouquet on your bedside table… The perfect arrangement for the dining room… A brightly beautiful array greeting you as you open your front door. All with no effort from you if you simply sign up for one of our Enjoy Flower subscriptions…

Home decor: simple steps to decorate like an expert

You can bring sophistication and class by entrusting floral experts to design exclusive bouquets filled with premium blooms just for you… Or you can bring fun farm fresh bouquets full of seasonal delights With The Garden Collection

What is your home decor must have?

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