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Pair a Single Flower with a Full Bouquet for a Unique, On-Trend Statement

In this floral arrangement tutorial, our Head Florist Hernando Salazar combines fresh red and white flowers to create a unique, on-trend display. The bouquet features, baby eucalyptus, purple disbud, white alstromeria, burgundy carnation and chorus magenta paired with a red protea bloom in it’s own vase for a statement that adds visual interest to your space.  

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Flowers Used In This Video

  • Red Protea
  • Baby Eucalyptus
  • Purple Disbud
  • White Alstromeria
  • Burgundy Carnations
  • Chorus Magenta

How to Arrange The Flowers

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Working with your monthly delivery from Enjoy Flowers, make sure you start by gathering all your materials. You’ll need: a sharp pair of scissors, one tall glass vase and one smaller glass vase, one twist tie and of course a packet of flower food powder.

Step 2: Prepare Your Vases With Water

Pour water into your vases and add flower food powder. If you don’t have a packet of flower food powder, you can use an alternative to keep bacteria out of the water. Try a few splashes of apple cider vinegar or a mixture of bleach, sugar and lemon.

Step 3: Remove The Bottom Leaves From Each Stem

It’s important to remove all the bottom leaves from each stem to prolong the freshness of your bouquet. Any leaves that get submerged in the vase water can contribute to bacterial growth and decrease the shelf life of your flowers.

Step 4: Spiral the White Alstromeria, Burgundy Carnations, Purple Disbud and Baby Eucalyptus Together

Start with the white alstromeria and arrange the rest of the flowers in a spiral in your hand. Keep your hands relaxed and trust your creative intuition. For a proper spiral technique, use your writing hand to pick up each flower and arrange each stem into your free hand. Turn the arrangement in your left hand occasionally for an even arrangement. Complete the bouquet by adding some stems of chorus magenta to one side of the arrangement.

Step 5: Add the Chorus Magenta and Tie Your Bouquet

Place a bunch of chorus magenta on one side of the bouquet and tie your twist tie near the top of the stems near the flower buds.

Step 6: Cut the Stems of Your Bouquet and Place in the Big Vase

Now that your bouquet is secured, you can cut the bottoms of the stems to make sure they’re the right length for your vase. Once cut, place your bouquet in the vase.

Step 7: Cut the Stem of the Red Protea and Place in the Small Vase

Now get your red protea and cut the stem, leaving enough room for it to sit well in the smaller vase. Place it in the water and display next to the bouquet for an intriguing visual.

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Step 8: Enjoy!

Place your unique and colorful arrangement on a coffee table, in an office space or as a centerpiece on a big dining table.

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