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Personalized Gift Ideas

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start shopping for the special people on our list! Without fail, there are always a few people who we just can’t seem to find the perfect gift for. So we’ve created a round up of seven personalized gift ideas. These are gifts that are sure to make the person receiving them feel special. Nothing shows you really thought about them quite like something personalized. A few of these options are jewelry pieces because jewelry is one of the easiest items to personalize. It also lets you choose a gift that your special someone will get to wear regularly.


An Enjoy Flowers Subscription is the perfect way to show how special someone is to you for the holidays. They will receive a bouquet of fresh flowers every month that will make their home feel bright and fresh. We had to throw in a little shameless plug here!


A monogrammed necklace is such a fun gift because you can really showcase that person’s style and give them something they can wear all the time. There are tons of the different styles and colors that monogrammed necklaces come in so choosing the perfect one will be that much more exciting.

Personalized pouches have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They are convenient to throw into a bigger handbag or to wear on their own. They also make great makeup and accessory bags. The point is, with so many uses, they make a great gift for anyone on your list! One way to make them even more special is to get a pouch with their initial on it.


If you’re married, it can be tempting to buy something practical for your spouse. Christmas is a great excuse to buy them something meaningful though, like getting your first dance lyrics printed onto a canvas of the two of you. This is a thoughtful gift that can be hung in your home for years to come.

A monogrammed robe can be an amazing gift for someone who needs to be pampered a bit. They’re soft and cozy which is perfect for the winter season, plus they’re practical which is a win-win. Give them an excuse to curl up on the couch and relax.

An initial necklace can be a great gift for your girlfriends, bridesmaids, mom, sister, wife, etc. They make adorable friendship necklaces if a group has the same ones. They’d make a great gift for a new mom by putting the child’s initial on the necklace. This is such a versatile gift that would work for almost anyone on your list.

A coordinates bracelet can be a huge romantic gesture. The coordinates can be of anywhere in the world — the location of your first date, first home together, wedding location, birthplace of your child, etc. This is a special customizable piece that is also very subtle which makes for perfect everyday jewelry.

If you ever lived in different places or fell in love in a certain city, a map of where it all began is the perfect option. You can either mark the locations of where you each lived and where you live now, or you can make the area that your story began in. These maps are a personalized gift option that you can hang in your home as decor too.

We hope these personalized gift options will you give you a few ideas of what to get the people on your list this year. Let us know in the comments what you’ll be buying for the special people in your life!

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