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The 8 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

We’re wild about wedding flowers! So, we’ve rounded up the top 8 most popular wedding flowers and made a list, just for you. You’ll see many familiar blooms as you peruse the list of 8… most of which Enjoy Flowers uses in our very own wedding flower collections! Enjoy…

  1. Rose signature.png


Roses, of course, are one of the most popular wedding flowers of all time! They’re timeless, classic, beautiful and come in almost any color you can imagine. Roses range from itty-bitty spray roses, to big and bold garden varieties. Plus, they have delightful names such as Juliette and O’Hara!

Roses represent: Promise, hope and new beginnings!

  1. Calla Lilcallas.png

Calla Lilies are refined, elegant, timeless and chic. This flower is often chosen in cream for wedding day bouquets but comes in a variety of hues from deep plum to bright orange! You’ll see the large, smooth stemmed Calla Lily showcased as a main feature in a bouquet and the smaller variety chosen for smaller wedding decor and boutonnieres.

Calla Lilies represent: Purity, youth and rebirth!

  1. PeonyAn overhead shot of a large bed of pink peonies

The glamourous, fluffy bloom of a Peony is one that’s universally loved for wedding bouquets! Blooming in hues from soft lavender to deep magenta, peonies can be the perfect addition to nearly any wedding decor. These beautiful stems can be on the higher end when it comes to expense. While many brides choose to splurge anyway, there are beautiful varieties that will give the same loosely bloomed look!

Peonies represent: good health, happy marriage and prosperity!

  1. Anemone

Anemones make a beautiful statement but can be rather fragile. They stand on their own beautifully, or make lovely additions to mixed bouquets! They are usually seen in white with black centers but also come in hues from bright red to royal blue! Anemones are the perfect choice for a bride with a modern edge.  

Anemones represent: Luck and protection!

  1. Hydrangeahydrangeas

Hydrangeas are extremely popular as wedding flowers as they’re lovely, large and generally affordable! One stem of hydrangea can go a long way in making a bouquet or centerpiece look nice and full! They also come in a variety of romantic hues from pale pink and fairytale lavender to rich purple and crisp white!

Hydrangeas represent: Heartfelt emotions and gratitude!

  1. Dahlia
    An overhead shot of a pink dahlia

Grand and graceful, dahlias make a wonderful focal piece for wedding bouquets and decor! Available in colors from golden yellows and rich reds to perfect plums and brilliant blues, it’s no wonder dahlias are an all time wedding flower favorite. These, like the hydrangeas, are an affordable option for a bloom that will fill a bouquet or centerpiece!

Dahlias represent: Gracefulness and inner strength!

  1. Carnations

Carnations come in nearly every color and are easy on the eyes and budget! These textured blooms are an especially great addition to a monochromatic bouquet. Pretty, affordable and full, it’s no wonder carnations are a popular wedding flower!

Carnations represent: Everything from pure love to good luck (depending on the color)!


  1. ProteasProteas.png

A striking addition to recent bouquets, proteas make an impressive wedding day statement! Ranging in colors from creamy pinks to inky purples, these unique blooms can be used with many styles and color palettes. These stunners are also known as “sugarbushes” and are the national flower of South Africa.

Proteas represent: Transformation and courage!

Now that you’ve seen the hottest flowers for bouquets, have you fallen for a particular bloom you’d love to have for your own? Let’s create the wedding flowers you’ve been dreaming of!


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