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The Enjoy Flowers Designer Collection: A Deep Dive Into the Protea

Flip the ho-hum of the daily grind on its head with the element of surprise. Open the door each and every month to a new bouquet design of fresh flowers that will infuse excitement and sunshine into your days. Our designer Hernando Salazar crafts each monthly design with powerful pops of surprise and delight to always keep you interested and inspired. The Enjoy Flowers Designer Collection features some of the world’s most breathtaking varieties. One such unforgettable bloom is the protea. Read on for an indulgent look at the protea and learn how you can get your hands on some of your own!

The Protea Origin Story

The protea is one of the most fascinating varieties you can find not just in our bouquets, but in the world! These stunners have a long (and beautiful) history of around 300 million years (yes, you read that right, million), making them one of the oldest flowering plants on earth. Speaking of earth, the story behind these plants is truly out of this world. You’ve surely heard of the trident-bearing Greek god Poseidon, right? How about his son Proteus, sea god and namesake of the protea? Once you see this flower in person, you will understand how the protea got its name as it looks straight out of a mythological tale.

Protea Fun Facts

Think you have a big family? The protea family boasts over 1500 species (imagine trying to get the whole protea clan together for the holidays). Native to the Southern Hemisphere, proteas have evolved into very resilient plants in order to survive tough terrains (like the bushland of Austrailia). Many proteas can actually survive wildfires and some even need fires to survive as the temperature and the burning release hidden seeds. Because of this, proteas symbolize unshakable strength and can serve as a reminder to keep moving forward, even during tumultuous times. 

When it comes to the looking and color, there’s a protea for all occasions. They can be found in pink, purple, red, gold, orange, and many other striking colors. Their shape, size, and shade vary greatly between species. They also have an exceptionally long vase life, making them ideal for home decor. Bonus: they can be displayed fresh or dry. Want to work protea into your home decor? Check out the protea species below that can be found in certain surprise monthly designs from the Enjoy Flowers Designer Collection.

Protea Species

Protea Obtusifolia

Also known as Limestone Sugarbush, these flowering plants are native to South Africa and can grow up to 9-10 feet tall. Their layered feathery ruby petals grow in a tight cluster and are surrounded by lush green leaves that make each stem worthy of its own solo bouquet. For optimal growth, these proteas need direct sunlight and a warm, wet climate but are unable to survive colder temperatures. This makes it difficult to grow proteas in the United States but allows them to flourish like gangbusters on our sustainable Colombian farms

Pincushion Protea

Known as Leucospermum cordifolium officially and as pincushion colloquially, these flowers are some of our customers’ all-time favorite premium varieties. Reminiscent of a firework for both its shape and color, the pincushion can be a challenge to grow. They’re quite temperamental and even just a bit too much shade will prevent flower growth and encourage only leafy green growth. Who wants that? Not us! For optimal flowering, it’s best to cultivate pincushion protea in locations like South Africa, Australia, Israel, and Colombia.

See It to Believe It

To enjoy a protea in its full majesty, it must be witnessed in person! How? Most of us can’t grow a protea in our backyard, so it’s best to leave it to the pros. Enter the Enjoy Flowers Designer Collection. If you’re known for your chic and sophisticated taste, then this collection is for you. Simply choose the delivery frequency (1, 3, 6, or 12 monthly deliveries), and each month you’ll receive a bouquet teeming with 30-35 luxe stems. Each box of flowers can make one extra-large bouquet or two to three large arrangements you can spread around your home.

This collection is our most luxurious and elegant to date. Each seasonally-inspired design features exclusive and hard-to-find blooms like Garden roses, lilies, scabious, hydrangea, CHARMELIA®, premium Alstros, protea, and other exquisite varieties. Ready to be delighted and inspired each and every month? We’ve got you covered! Click below for an inside look at the Designer Collection.

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