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Which Color Palette Matches Your Personality

Colors can pick you up and whisk you away… they can represent how you feel, who you are, and the image you wish to share with the world! It’s no wonder, then, that choosing the color palette for your wedding day is an important decision. Often, couples find certain tones speak to them, and they gravitate toward these themes that seem to paint a colorful, floral picture of their love.

Whether you’re adventurous, romantic or classic, there are colors that will add a special touch of “you” to the wedding day!

Each of our palettes evokes powerful emotions, from courage and elegance to hope and calm. As your designs are created, our experts are keeping your unique personalities and preferences in mind.

Which Collection Is Most “You”?

Blushing Love
Blush | White
Romance | Bliss | Hope


Beautiful blush mixed with fresh white makes this collection perfect for the blissful couple! These arrangements are joyful in color and sophisticated in style. Couples who want to showcase their hopeful, classic romance will be drawn to this beautiful blush collection.

Blushing Love is perfect to any season and is romantic addition to an outdoor wedding!

Innocence | Purity


Soft whites paired with both baby blue and dollar eucalyptus, this collection is perfect for the classic couple! These arrangements are clean and simple, with a touch of romance. Couples who choose this collection exude sincerity, pureness of heart and lightness.

Purity is perfect for any season! (It is, of course, a winter favorite)

Burgundy | Peach | Green
Courage | Elegance | Strength


A striking mix of burgundy, peach and green, this collection is adored by bold couples! With African proteas and velvet scabiosas these arrangements pair a little wild with a lot of elegance. Couples who value courage and faith can use this collection to showcase their beautiful, strong love.

Bordeaux is a fall favorite and is a stunning addition to an elegant outdoor wedding!

Red | Pink | Peach
Passion | Joy | Romance


Filled with pink plus a touch of red and peach, this collection represents the passionate couple! These arrangements also have a touch of vintage charm which adds to their timeless romance. Couples who want to infuse elements of warmth, charm, passion and joy will be drawn to this vibrant collection.

Flame is a favorite for summer weddings!

Blue | White
Loyalty | Serenity | Wisdom


Filled with blue and white, this breezy collection is perfect for the loving, laidback but sophisticated couple! These arrangements have an effortless, fresh look. Couples ready to highlight hope for a happy and united family will be drawn to this collection.

Seaside is a favorite for spring weddings!

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