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A list of original Mother’s Day gift ideas

Is there any such thing as an original Mother’s Day gift? Flowers, chocolates, lotions, and mugs aren’t particularly original. And yet, is Mother’s Day without flowers even possible? Surely not! The joy that flowers bring is timeless and ageless. But there are ways we can add an extra twist to even the most traditional gift to make it original. Here are some of our favourites…

Enjoy Flowers Subscription

A list of original Mother's Day gift ideas

There is no way to be humble on this one, our flower subscriptions really are the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Enjoy Flowers came about specifically because we believe that having flowers arrive at your door every month is the ultimate in original gifts. Imagine expert floral designs of specifically chosen long-lasting blooms, with a freshness guarantee, bringing a special smile to your mom’s face month after month. You can also add a special personal message in a lovely card to arrive with the flowers.

A spa day

Mothers across the world, of all ages, dream of the stillness, the fragrances, the soothing relaxation of a spa. Note, we didn’t say a massage or a voucher! We said original Mother’s Day ideas, therefore spa “day”. If you are going to spoil the woman who loves you unconditionally, do it right! A fresh breakfast, a luxury mani-pedi, a facial, a champagne lunch, followed by a leisurely aromatherapy massage. Keep an eye out for Mother’s Day specials at the spas closest to your mom. A spa day is also the perfect mother-daughter date for the mom whose only real wish on Mother’s Day is more time with you.

A list of original Mother's Day gift ideas

Walk among the flowers

All across the USA you can now find flower farms where you can pick your own flowers. Find your nearest flower farm, ask if they have a little coffee shop on site or where the nearest one is. Take your mom on a day trip where you can walk amongst the flowers together, then choose and cut your own blooms. Include a breakfast or lunch date where you can catch up on life and express your love and appreciation for everything your mom does for you.  As Mother’s Day comes to an end, drop your mom at home with arms full of flowers and heart full of knowing she is the best mom ever.

A list of original Mother's Day gift ideas

Dinner is done

This Mother’s Day, sign your mom up for a meal delivery service! If she loves to cook, choose one that delivers fresh ingredients with exciting recipes. If she would rather be reading a book, choose a service that delivers fresh healthy ready-made meals daily. Include a card or an old-fashioned hand-written letter telling her how much you love her cooking and reminisce over the amazing meals she made you growing up. A heart-felt thank you and sincere appreciation on something like cooking your dinner every night for years can have a lasting impact.

A weekend getaway

Book yourself and your mom into a bed and breakfast near a place or activity she loves. If your mom has an affinity for horses, look for a BnB on a horse farm. Maybe your mom loves to hike in the forest, try to rent a cabin in the woods. If she enjoys a flutter at the casino, a splashy night in a hotel may just make her year! Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all where you go, just that you go and spend some uninterrupted time together.

Learn a skill together

Sharing an experience like learning a skill together as adults may shift the dynamic of your relationship in wonderful ways. Sign you and your mother up for a flower arranging workshop. Florists, colleges and flower farms often offer classes or workshops. Learn about the meaning of your favourite flowers, the effects on your mood and how to create unique eye-catching designs. A fresh bouquet of flowers can change the entire tone of a room. And next time you give your mom flowers for a special occasion, or just to show you care, there can be a personal message in the blooms you choose that only you and she will understand.

A list of original Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is a once-a-year event, and we mothers love this day of acknowledgement. But by choosing an original Mother’s Day gift  that is a little more lasting, you might make this the best Mother’s Day ever.

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