Dinner parties are great; they combine all of life’s best pleasure into one moment–good food, good people, good music. But if you don’t plan well or bite off more than you can chew, dinner parties can easily become quite stressful. Read More

As the days shorten and the air gets crisp, we’re getting excited for autumn gatherings. We’ve picked out some of our favorite fall centerpieces to help you decorate for upcoming occasions like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Read More

Check out a behind-the-scenes tour of our flower farms in sunny Colombia where we grow the fresh flower varieties that are featured in your bouquets. Read More

Why do our flowers last longer than regular supermarket bouquets?

We’re excited to share this behind the scenes peek at how we get our blooms from our farms to your doorstep in just four days. Our farm is located nearby Bogota, Colombia. It was founded 45 years ago and we now cultivate more than 40 different flower varieties to bring to you beautiful arrangements every week.

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These days, fake flowers can look remarkably realistic and make you wonder if you should ditch your fresh bouquets. Though seemingly convenient, fake flowers make you miss out on a lot of the joys that fresh flowers bring into your life. There are numerous reasons why I prefer fresh flowers including their fragrance, their seasonal appeal, the creativity they inspire, the fact that there are budget-friendly options and because they just make me happy! Read More

In this floral arrangement tutorial, our Head Florist Hernando Salazar combines fresh red and white flowers to create a unique, on-trend display. The bouquet features, baby eucalyptus, purple disbud, white alstromeria, burgundy carnation and chorus magenta paired with a red protea bloom in it’s own vase for a statement that adds visual interest to your space.  

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We’re so sure that our flowers last longer than supermarket flowers that we asked lifestyle blogger Ashley from At Home With Ashley to compare our flowers to grocery store flowers. Here are the results.

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In this floral arrangement tutorial, our Head Florist Hernando Salazar combines fresh purple and green flowers to create an organic bouquet that feels natural and relaxed. The bouquet features purple disbud, kale, green pompons, purple stock, green carnation and white micro-pompona for a lovely combination that evokes a field of summer flowers.   Read More

Wishing for a break but don’t want to encounter the hassle of packing, flights and jetlag? Try a staycation! There are times when staying home is honestly more relaxing and fun than going on a trip. Think about it, in your daily life you’re often running to work, keeping up with social activities, laundry and other obligations and you can forget to slow down and appreciate your home and the town where you live. Read More

In this floral arrangement tutorial, our Head Florist Hernando Salazar combines fresh yellow, orange and red flowers to create a vibrant centerpiece that will brings the colors of summer into your space. The bouquet features yellow and orange roses, red alstroemeria, yellow micro-pompons, red and orange leucoespermum and eucalyptus for an energizing floral statement. Read More