Looking for the perfect vase to display your fresh flowers this summer? Look no further! We’ve collected some of our favorite creative vase ideas from our video tutorial to help inspire you. Read More

Spring is a wonderful time to get married and it’s ideal for having your pick of some of the prettiest flowers of the year! Here are 15 spring flowers that will add beauty to your spring wedding. Place them in your bouquet, put them in your hair or add them to table decorations.

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Simple updates can make your home feel fresh for the summer. We asked interior designer Joe Human for some quick and easy ways to spruce up your home.

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In this floral arrangement tutorial, our Head Florist Hernando Salazar combines fresh pink flowers with a touch of white to create three mini bouquets that are perfect for summer decorating. The bouquets feature pink sinensis, pink spray roses, pink pompons and white disbuds arranged in three small vases that can be placed together for a vibrant centerpiece or spread throughout your space. Read More

In this floral arrangement DIY, our Head Florist Hernando Salazar combines bicolor roses, red alstroemeria, green ball and miriscina greenery for a bouquet that will add dramatic flair to any space. Arranged in a clear glass vase, these flowers play center stage and are perfect for adding color and texture to your dining room or bedroom. Read More

Mother’s Day is one of the rare moments that we get to shower our mothers with love and attention. In addition to flowers, chocolate and other gifts, taking mom out to brunch is a tried and true American tradition. We know you want to make her feel extra special, so we’ve put together a list of some of the most delicious and unique brunch spots in New York, Miami and Chicago to help you celebrate with your family this Mother’s Day.

Want to delight your mom with flowers this Mother’s Day? Give her a gift that lasts more than one day with a gift subscription to Enjoy Flowers!
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We recently hosted a “Lunch & Learn” floral arranging workshop in New York City to get to know our local Enjoy Flowers community. Hosted by Interior Designer & Lifestyle Expert, Nicole Gibbons, guests were treated to lunch and learned how to create everyday DIY arrangements with some of Nicole’s expert tips and tricks to help them arrange like a pro.

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In this floral arrangement DIY, our Head Florist Hernando Salazar uses a mixture of white, green and yellow flowers to create elegant and fresh bouquets. These lush arrangements are displayed in two round metallic vases that are perfect for a spring dinner party, outdoor luncheon or just to welcome the bright colors of spring into your home. Follow the directions to create bouquets that will turn any space into a verdant oasis. Read More


We all know that feeling of delight when someone surprises you with fresh flowers or you place a bouquet in your home and feel that the space is brighter. Well, science has now proven that flowers have real health benefits, including improving emotional health! Read More

How Does a Flower Subscription Gift Work? A step-by-step guide to giving a flower subscription that delights for months.

Mother’s Day is the one holiday everyone celebrates and because let’s face it: Mom’s are awesome. They tell you the truth and they will always care about you even if and when you feel like no one else does. So it’s no wonder retailers and just about any school and workplace will buzz about Mother’s Day before during and after this very special day in May. Since my mom has just about everything and I won’t see her on the actual day because we live far away, I decided to gift her an Enjoy Flowers bouquet because we both love fresh flowers and she doesn’t have time to pick out her favorite blooms on a weekly basis. Plus, she will think of me each time her Enjoy Flowers delivery arrives at her doorstep each month. Here’s how a flower subscription gift works in a step-by-step guide to how I made my mom’s day for several months even after Mother’s Day.

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