Spring. It’s the time of year when nature shows us an amazing display of colors as flowers wake up and bloom all over the country. As we say goodbye to the cold winter and welcome new life, it’s a great time to do some spring cleaning and bring fresh colors into our homes. The best way to bring spring inside is to decorate with fresh flowers!

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There’s actually a science to throwing the perfect dinner party when it comes to the menu, the decor and the guest list, so we asked our favorite influencers and bloggers around the web their secrets to a successful gathering. The general consensus is that it’s about tending to your guests and making them feel at home. What makes your dinner parties special probably depends on preferences but one general rule of thumb is making sure your guests aren’t parched, meaning bring on the drinks! Here are some quick tips that will make you the best dinner party hosts in town.

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Who says flower arrangements have to be limited to a vase?  Create a modern table arrangement for your next holiday feast (Easter or Passover) using that one accessory that could very well double as a candleholder. In this video, Enjoy Flowers’ Head Florist Hernando Salazar uses a few spring florals for the chicest silver goblet centerpiece. Arrangement accessories make creating table decor a hobby that will keep you going back to your local arts and crafts store. Don’t throw away your excess petals, we’ll show you a savvy way to use them for any surface.  Here are five steps to creating a romantic spring floral fling. Read More

In this floral arrangement DIY, our Head Florist Hernando Salazar uses popular yellow flowers to celebrate the beginning of spring. From a perfect medley of Easter yellows, this bouquet will surely mellow your interior vibes. Grab your tallest vase and learn how much a high-tie and low-tie will affect your overall arrangement’s presentation. Here are a few steps to transforming your bouquet into the sunshine your apartment has been thirsty for all winter. Read More

Flowers are living organisms. They need sustenance to survive. But when it comes to maintaining a bouquet of fresh flowers, does the kind of flower food used affect the longevity of the bouquet? Note: Flowers from Enjoy Flowers already last longer than store-bought bouquets. But I set out to find out what effect the kind of flower food used would have by testing four different kinds of flower food over a two week period using a few of my kitchen essentials. Here’s how it went. Read More

The beauty about being in a relationship with someone you truly adore is that bond is unique and special.  There are no set rules when love is a commonality.  In A Longer ‘I Love You video, several couples are interviewed about the details of their relationship  and each couple highlights one realistic bit of advice that keeps them glued together and wanting more each day.   Read More

In this how-to Enjoy Flowers Head Florist Hernando Salazar gets creative with everyday kitchen essentials with four Pinterest-worthy mason jar vases. Don’t own any? Head to your local discount store.  In our past how – tos, we’ve shown how much a beautiful vase and full medley of pretty flowers can go a long way on your favorite home surfaces.  Four small bouquets are better than one. All you need is a few of your favorite flowers and several small mason jars to make the little things in your home brighten up the loneliness of corners. In honor of the month of love and Valentine’s day, here’s how to create small arrangements for all of the corners of your life that matters. Read More

Who doesn’t love a good love story, one that whisks you away into all the fun parts of relationships–the stolen glances, the clumsiness, the first time he or she calls you back, the moment when a first date becomes a second, third and then fourth; the stop-you-in-your-tracks I love you,  and the part where they live happily ever after. Perhaps we love watching love because in an hour-and-half long film we get to skip all the hard parts or montage over them. But the thing is, the hard parts might not be as scary as we think. We spoke with five people in long-term relationships and asked them “What’s one thing people should know about love that no one really says?” Here are there answers. (By the way, if you’d like to say I love you longer this Valentine’s Day, consider getting your special someone three months of flowers.)

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Someone once said, ‘we were born’ to love. And although that 50%-of-marriages-end-in-divorce statistic gets frequently thrown around, there are relationships out there that give us hope and reason to believe that we were indeed meant to share life with someone special. Gala and Mahmoud Daftary, and Michael and Gloria Hubner are two of those relationships, each couple being married for over 40 years. In a short conversation with these two pairs, their adoration and mutual respect for each other comes across immediately, as does a sense of a life filled with big and small beautiful moments.

As part of our celebration of long lasting love, we asked these two duos what’s made their marriages last as long as they have. (If you’d like to say I love you longer this Valentine’s Day, consider getting your special someone three months of flowers.)
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Roses are the official flower mascot for celebrating Valentine’s Day and in this floral DIY video, Enjoy Flowers Head Florist Hernando Salazar creates a beautiful arrangement using a medley of red and pink roses. As we ease into the season of love, embrace it even more with the flowers that bring out your inner smooth operator.  How much do I love you? Count the petals in this bouquet.  Here are five steps to arranging a chic bouquet for any surface that you and your loved one will enjoy all month long. Read More