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Top 6 Gifts for anyone on your christmas list in 2018

At Enjoy Flowers, we don’t settle for the same-old status quo. We hate boring gifts and, we’re betting you do, too!

On a mission to be the best gift-givers around, we’ve come up with the top gifts for 2018! We like you, so we’ll let you in on our holiday secrets…

Ready to refresh the game of gifting? Let’s go!

Here are the top 6 gifts to give ANYONE on your list:

Enjoy Flowers Monthly Subscription

Yeah, we’re a little biased… but honestly, we came up with our unrivalled flower subscriptions because we knew there was a need for fresher gifts that deliver joy not just once, but again and again! Then, we took things up a notch with our 7 day freshness guarantee and added free shipping as the cherry on top!

A flower subscription is the gift that goes above and beyond, delighting your loved ones long after the holiday chaos is over!

New York Times Birthday Book

Okay, so it’s not their birthday – but anytime is the right time for a thoughtful, customized gift like this one! Whether they’re turning 21 or 75, this book will be filled with NYTimes covers memorializing all that’s happened around the world as the pages have turned on your loved one’s book of life.

A birthday book is a thoughtful gift that will stand the test of time as a cherished keepsake!

Vellabox Monthly Candle Subscription

Candles don’t clash with anyone’s decor, they’re good for the young and the old, the ladies and the gentleman. Plus, you know we love gifts that keep on giving – with a Vellabox subscription, your loved ones will enjoy a new aroma, by an American artisan every month. There’s a bonus gift in each yellow box, too!

A Vellabox will light up their home and their heart, reminding them you care month after month.

Custom Star Map

Give them the stars with a custom star map to remind them of a special anniversary or life event. These beautiful pieces of art show the constellations that were in the sky on a particular date, at a specific time, in a certain location. It doesn’t get much more personalized than that!

A custom star map is the perfect way to celebrate any moment, big or small. They’ll relive the joy of that anniversary each time the stars catch their eye!

House Plant Box (Monthly)

You don’t have to have a green thumb to have live plants in your home anymore! House Plant Box makes it easy to enjoy and care for your new plant babies with easy-to-follow care instructions. With a new plant arriving each month, you’ll be on your way to a pretty little in-home jungle in no time.

NASA studies show you should have one house plant for every 100 square feet in your home… show ‘em you care – send some fresh air!

A Monthly Graze Snack Box

If you’re sending this one to family, beware – they might just fight over the goodies within! Everyone loves delicious, nutritious snacks and Graze makes it super simple to gift… print a voucher (choose from 3 to 50 snack boxes) and let your loved ones log on and choose their own box!

Alright, we’ve armed you with gifts that will get you out of the dull-gift-giver category… Now, go put these secret weapons to work. We mean it – get shopping!


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