A cactus and succulents in small rust-colored pots sit on a white table.
Spring Flowers

How to mix succulents with other flowers

Nowadays having time to spend on us doing what brings us joy and happiness is more and more difficult, because of the amount of responsibilities we mange to have. That’s why is necessary to find those spaces where we can realize different activities and what better than to spend it redecorating our favorite spaces with succulents one of the most rare, beautiful and also very easy to maintain plants.

First of all we need to know succulents are very easy to maintain because of their ability to store water in their steams and leaves, they tolerate heat and also very dry and poor soils.  

Now taking that into account, here we will give you an easy and beautiful idea in order for you to make an incredible arrangement decoration mixing succulents with other types of flowers, for your most treasurable spaces.

  • Make your own mini garden

¿What do you need?

  1. Five small pots, if the pots don’t have wholes in the bottom drill one in each.
  2. One large container.
  3. At least 8 small clay pots in order to fill up the pot.
  4. Sand.
  5. Potting mix soil.
  6. Small stones or decorative pebbles.
  7. Three small succulents.
  8. Some red valerian flowers.
  9. Some African Daisy flowers.
  10. Some bird of paradise flower.
  11. Some roses.

Step by step

  1. Please add dry soil and sand to three of the five small pots you have.
  2. Mix the soil and the sand you putted on the three small pots with a little bit of water in order to moisten them.
  3. Plant one succulent in each pot.
  4. Scatter into the top of each pot where the succulents are the small stones or decorative pebbles covering the sand-soil mixture.
  5. Use the other two pots in order to place the beautiful bouquets you will make with the other flowers you bought.
  6. Mix the four types of flowers in each bouquet leave at least two bird of paradise flowers in each one.
  7. Put some water in the two pots and then place the bouquets in them
  8. Place all the pots in a large container.
  9. Choose your favorite spot and leave your mini garden.

Flowers have the capacity to bring life to each space where they are, so what are you waiting for? This weekend buy these things and order your flowers and succulents to your favorite flower company and create your own mini garden.


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