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There’s actually a science to throwing the perfect dinner party when it comes to the menu, the decor and the guest list, so we asked our favorite influencers and bloggers around the web their secrets to a successful gathering. The general consensus is that it’s about tending to your guests and making them feel at home. What makes your dinner parties special probably depends on preferences but one general rule of thumb is making sure your guests aren’t parched, meaning bring on the drinks! Here are some quick tips that will make you the best dinner party hosts in town.

Leave more time to enjoy your flowers with these quick and simple steps for creating a very yellow large arrangement. Plus, learn the twist tie technique of how two twist ties can majorly alter the volume of your final arrangement design!

Four small bouquets are better than one. All you need is one full bouquet and a few of your favorite mason jars to brighten the dullest spaces of your home.

How to create the perfect centerpiece arrangement using long stemmed florals for a tall statement vase.

One of the benefits of traveling to a new place is observing the plants native to that region. With each new environment and climate, welcomes a new exotic flower,  and you can bet that every city or town has a botanical garden waiting to be visited. In the spirit of travel and enjoying flowers, we’ve compiled the world’s most beautiful arboretums and greenhouses that are sprawling with acres of antique and marble… Read More

Prepare your dinner table for the holidays with this simple and easy contemporary centerpiece.

Whether you are buying for the diva in your life to the tech savvy individual, these gift ideas will continuously bring happiness in anyone’s life.

In this DIY, Head Florist Hernando Salazar shows you how to make smaller arrangements with one bouquet of flowers. Spreading the floral love around your home gets easier with this DIY!

Create a classy holiday arrangement for Thanksgiving using a chic gold vase, matching candle accessories and your favorite pretty flowers. Here are simple DIY steps for a stylish fall foliage centerpiece to add to your next family dinner party.

You are the company that you keep so find out what these most popular flowers mean about your character.