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6 Types of Accommodations you must know

All we need is a good accommodation, don’t you think so? And with the cost of hotels skyrocketing, alternative places are gaining popularity due to their feasibility and affordability. If you are traveling for fun, work or long-term stay, you can find all types of accommodations from low-budget to high-end places, work-oriented to party places.

Let’s take a look at some of the available options:

1.   House sitting

If you don’t mind taking care of someone else’s house and/or pets in exchange for free accommodation, then you can live in a good place until the owner is away on vacation. For this kind of accommodation, you have to pay a yearly fee to join and use this platform which can be paid off by a week of housesitting.

However, this offer is subject to availability of a home; you have to be trustworthy and also check the other reviews beforehand. 

2.   Apartments: Airbnb

Planning a long term stay on a budget? A very convenient and cheap option is renting an apartment. A fully furnished, humbly decorated place in a local neighborhood to a complete 5-star apartment in a tower, treehouses, igloos, bungalows, everything’s available for a price. Check for people’s reviews and the location. If you’re looking for cheap accommodation that’s too far from the city, you may spend too much time traveling if on work. The longer the stay, the lower the price.

3.   Couch Surfing/Homestay:

An ideal way is to live with the locals and get a firsthand experience of the culture and traditions, home-cooked food, guided tour by the locals to their popular attractions for free. The richest and cheapest to travel as people share their spare rooms with you. In exchange you may host other travelers at your home or meet other travelers

Definitely not for a luxury getaway, and is based on peoples reviews and recommendations.

4.   Hostels: the popular accommodation

For solo-travelers and backpackers mostly. The living rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms are in common use. It is an economical, casual type of accommodation, with human interactions, limited facilities and bearable for short trips.

You need to extra careful about your valuables, have ear-plugs and eye-masks for a peaceful sleep or downtime.

5.   Co-livings

A favorite option of digital nomads or millennials to spend time with like-minded people from different communities. In spite of sharing some common areas like the kitchen, living room, and workstations, you still have your own privacy. Apart from sharing knowledge and experiences, you can share fun-filled activities apart from work.

Look for colivings near beaches, on the farms or activities you enjoy. Also smaller the colivings, stronger the connections.

6.   Work Exchange/Volunteer Travel

Do you want to travel the world and pay for the accommodation by offering your time, experience, or dynamism?  You can work in a restaurant, help with local businesses, volunteer for an NGO or social projects and get an in-depth knowledge of the culture, language and build a unique relationship with the locals.

The world has become a global village, so look for a place and work that interests you. Research and negotiate the conditions offered to avoid any disappointments.

You may also choose a caravan (RV’s), camp/tent for adventure while traveling, butwhatever the type of accommodation you choose, do put up a review so that others can benefit from the same.

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