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The most relaxing vacation spots for every budget

Where do you go when you want to unwind? We spent hours scouring the net for the most relaxing vacation spots in the USA just to share with you! (And maybe to add to our own bucket list as well…)

The Orcas Island Vacation

Orcas Island is the largest of the San Juan Islands in San Juan County, Washington and the most incredible vacation spot. The Orcas Island website puts it best… “The natural isolation provided by Puget Sound gives Orcas Island a sense of peace and relaxation… Accompanied by the San Juan Islands’ already pristine natural beauty. Villages and hamlets like Orcas Village, West Sound, Deer Harbor, Eastsound, Olga and Doe Bay make Orcas Island a paradise not to be missed.”

The most relaxing vacation spots for every budget

Relaxing doesn’t mean boring! There are endless amazing things to see and do on the Island. You can go fishing, hiking, go on guided sea kayak adventures or boat charters… Rent bicycles or a moped to explore… Or take private guided horseback and lunch rides, with swimming on the trail. You can even go beer tasting at Orcas Island’s own brewery. You can stay in a luxury inn or resort or camp rough in the Moran State Park.

The main attraction of this vacation is of course having the opportunity to get up close and personal with magnificent orcas. For whale watching, you can choose a guided sea kayaking experience or Orcas Island Eclipse Charters. This specific Charters company guarantees an encounter with whales and have done over 1000 trips that back up their claims.

The Natural Springs Vacation

Did you know that there are natural equivalents to hot tubs out there in nature? Hot water springs, rich with minerals, that bubble out of the earth? For centuries people all over the world have bathed in this water, believing it has healing powers. The heat, minerals, movement and buoyancy of the water work together to relax tense muscles and even relieve pain.

There are a bevy of other health benefits put forward by various experts, including better blood circulation, metabolism, healing skin diseases, relief from arthritis, fibromyalgia and even high blood pressure. We don’t know if all that is true, but as a vacation, relaxing in a natural hot tub sounds ideal…

You can find these hot springs all over the USA, these are the two that show up most in our searches…

The most relaxing vacation spots for every budget

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs is a city in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. As the name suggests, you can find many springs here, particularly in Hot Springs National Park. People have come from around the world for centuries to submerse themselves in the healing waters.

The most relaxing vacation spots for every budget

Buckstaff Baths has been operating traditional thermal baths in Bathhouse Row since 1912. Budget doesn’t dictate your experience… You can stay in a camper or tent, a motel, a historical monument hotel or one of the top Bed and Breakfasts in the US.

Dunton Hot Springs

Hidden in the San Juan Mountains in the Colorado Rockies, is an exclusive resort. Dunton Hot Springs is a restored mining ghost town, with 12 luxurious log cabins set in a circle around an operational saloon serving quality food.

The most relaxing vacation spots for every budget

The resort customizes your itinerary to your ideal experience… You can, of course, relax in the magical hot springs alongside the Dolores River, with the sound of a waterfall nearby. There are also hiking trails, massages, ice skating, snow-shoe hikes, cross-country skiing, mountain biking… You can even go racing through the forest in a husky-led dog-sled.

Desert Escape Vacation

If spirituality in a desert setting brings you relaxation, your ultimate vacation will be in Sedona Arizona.

The most relaxing vacation spots for every budget

Sedona is best known for its incredible red rocks and the surrounding Coconino National Forest. Many believe that the region contains a concentration of “vortexes, which are spots that release psychic energy or power from the Earth.”

It is also a hub for galleries, boutiques and speciality stores, with a richly talented artist’s colony. Because of all of this there are a number of gorgeous spas and resorts in the area. The best ones combine the desert, rivers, creeks and forests with yoga, meditation and stargazing, to provide true immersion in, and connection to, nature.

A Vacation from the Present

There are some places in the world that seem to be forgotten in time. These places hold appeal to us as a way of reminding us to slow down… That everything doesn’t have to be loud and in a rush every minute of every day. While part of us panics at the thought of disconnecting from our devices, from the rest of the world… It is so important. These are our two favourite places by the sea…

Carova, North Carolina

The most relaxing vacation spots for every budget

You need a 4X4 to drive the sand “roads” to reach Carova. There are no hotels or stores, only vacation rentals and endless beaches. The water is always just right, perfect to surf, paddleboard or take a leisurely swim. The only potential disruption of the sound of the waves on the shore is the thudding of the hooves of wild horses.

Anna Maria Island, Massachusetts

The most relaxing vacation spots for every budget

Local residents of Anna Maria Island take pride in their home feeling like Florida of yore. Your vacation here will be slow relaxing days, popping into the general store for supplies… Or sinking your toes into seven miles of secluded sugar-sand beaches.

Which of the above is your dream escape vacation?

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