10 wall decor ideas to turn your place around

A modern living room is decorated with a large white couch, bright panel paintings, and an indoor plant for a chic feel.

As we continue to spend time at home, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your home an update. An easy way to give your space a makeover is to look at areas where small improvements can be made. Maybe you’re forgetting the largest and most useful space of all: the walls. In this article, you will find some wall decor ideas that may help you to transform your home and imprint your personality and taste into every inch.​

Always sophisticated

Cohesive colors, oversized artwork, and mirrors may help you to find the sophistication to your home decor.

  • When it comes to art, bigger is better. According to Cheryl Eisen, founder and CEO of Interior Marketing Group, “large canvases add a statement to any room and can even make wall space appear larger.” 
  • Another idea is to place mirrors in those walls opposite to the light source. This trick will improve the light and also will make your rooms look larger. “Hang a series of three or four mirrors opposite a window to reflect the incoming light as well as the view,” Cheryl Eisen. 

Make your wall decor functional

If you are looking for your walls to be functional as well as stylish, here are some ideas than can help you to organize your spaces while giving your home a personal touch. 

  • Shelves are a great option to use your walls without making the space crowded. It’s perfect to show off your books and the best of your home decorations without adding too much stuff. 
  • Nowadays bikes are our best allies. What if we use them also as part of our wall decor? You only need cool mountings to have a chic vibe while improving your space.
A country house with a white and tan color scheme had a bike and helmet hanging from the wall.

Go Green!

If you are a green lover there are some options you can consider to fill up your spaces with nature and make your walls breath.

  • Vertical gardens can add life to your home decor while turning a boring canvas into a living wall. You can use wood mountings or you can try hanging them. 
  • If you looking for a low maintenance option, succulent planters are perfect to light up your spaces without requiring to much investment.
  • Another great idea is to place dried flowers on the wall, this option will make your space more colorful and bohemian.
A sleek living room has a cream-colored couch, a modern staircase, a chic dining room table, and a large wall of greenery.


Now, if you are a fan of taking on home projects, you will love these wall decor ideas. 

  • If you are dying to hang your pictures and artwork it’s time to clip it up. You only need a grid of clipboards, some robe, and creativity to create your personal gallery.
  • You can use large scarfs with showy patterns or create a collage of fabrics to fill your walls with color and texture.
  • You can make your own woven wall hanging. Use colors or keep it simple and sophisticated with a single one.

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