A full bouquet of classic varieties like roses and hard-to-find flowers like protea fill a stone vase on a dining room table.
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3 Unusual DIY floral arrangements to try in your home

Putting together floral arrangements can be fun and therapeutic. It can also help us to relax. Some people find flower arranging a very rewarding hobby. Flowers bring beauty into a living space. By having flowers in your home you’ll be creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Here are 3 easy DIY floral arrangements that you can try at home:

Floral arrangements like a succulent centerpiece for your home

A teeming Enjoy Flowers bouquet of hydrangea, protea, roses, and eucalyptus sits on a wooden table.

Succulents are both annual and perennial plants. Cactuses, which are also succulents, are almost all perennials. Succulents add beautiful color and texture to a floral arrangement, and are also water wise and easy to take care of.

For a succulent arrangement you will need:

  • Potting soil and river sand
  • A pot or suitable planting container
  • Decorative small stones
  • A selection of succulents

You can propagate succulents easily from offcuts, or you can buy them from a local nursery. Decide if you want different colors and textures, or if you would prefer the plants to be similar.

The general rule of thumb when arranging succulents, is that there should be taller ones, ones that hang over the edge of the planter, and smaller ones that can fill the spaces in between.

Fill the planter with a soil and sand mixture. Add a little water and plant the succulents. Add the decorative stones last.

A tilted Calla Lily arrangement with succulents

A woman arranges a white rose in an Enjoy Flowers bouquet of blue hydrangea and yellow Callas.

This arrangement is simple and chic. It’s perfect for a modern home.

For these floral arrangements you will need:

  • Burgundy tea leaves
  • Purple Calla lilies
  • A couple of rose succulents
  • A rectangular glass container

Wrap the Calla lily stems with tape below the lip of the flower. Cut the tea leaf in half, sliced along the center. Wrap the halved tea leaf around the tape and pin it. Cut the lily flower stems at the bottom so that they are all even. Place the bunch of lilies in the rectangular container on their sides. Take the succulents out of their pots, remove the soil and fine roots, and trim the bottom. Rinse them off and add them to the rectangular container, to cover the bottom of the lily stems.

Spring centerpiece: fruit and flower centerpiece runner

This centerpiece is easy and affordable to DIY, and it’s perfect for at-home entertaining.

Pick up inexpensive flowers at a local grocery store and then get some finishing flowers from the florist. You will need enough blooms for the length of your table. Eucalyptus stems work well as greenery, and you can also add cut greenery from your yard. Berries also add a pretty touch.

For this spring centerpiece you will need:

  • Floral tubes and shot glasses (mini vases) filled with water
  • Flowers of your choice
  • Greenery
  • Fruit slices stored in a container with damp paper towel, in the refrigerator.

Fill the floral tubes with flowers and place them inwards, towards the table. Tuck the mini vases, with their blooms, into the arrangement. The ultimate effect that you are trying to achieve is a low runner. Add the fruit slices to hide the “vases” and tubes. Citrus fruit will give the table a wonderful scent.

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