Hello Holiday Season

Hello Holiday Season: A guide to thriving this year-end

The holidays are right around the corner. Pumpkin spice everything has filled the shelves of grocery stores and coffee shops alike and it’s only a week or so before you start to notice actual pumpkins showing up everywhere from parking lots to your local Target. The truth is this time of year is amazing and most people look forward to the year-end but how often do we get to New Year’s Day and realize that someone Grinch-ed our holidays?

Whenever there is a lot to look forward to there is also a lot that can go wrong. If you prepare for these things in advance then they won’t damage your holiday joy. Let’s face it… no one should mess with your peppermint mocha fueled excitement (that’s just cruel)…

Here’s a few Holiday truths and how to handle them…

Here’s a few Holiday truths and how to handle them…

  1. Someone is going to get you a gift and you did not get them one.

First, let’s start with the guilt that comes from this… you don’t have to feel bad because you didn’t think to get someone a gift. Instead, be gracious for their kindness. Gift giving isn’t about reciprocation! They didn’t give you a gift because they knew you’d read their mind and decide to get them something of equal or greater value. They bought or made you something because they care about you. Focus on their generosity. Your words of affirmation and gratitude will be more than enough reciprocation. 

  1. Someone uninvited will likely show up.

There’s not much you can do in this situation other than try to make the best of it. See it as an opportunity to make a person feel welcomed. The holidays can be really lonely and you don’t always know everyone’s story. Setting an extra seat at the table might make your perfect place settings uneven but it could be what that person needed to feel peace this holiday season. You can be a gift to the people around you so put people first and just enjoy their company.

  1. Someone is going to say something offensive.

What happens when you mix a whole bunch of family or friends in one room while they share copious amounts of food and often alcohol? Two people are going to disagree. If we are honest- it will be more than two people. That’s okay! Choose to not get offended. People don’t have to think like you, act like you, or believe like you do in order to love you. If you choose to love them then you just have to let the comment about your new haircut or the snide remark about the guy you’re seeing go. If you don’t love them then it doesn’t matter what they say anyways because they should have zero impact on who you are or what you do.

We will be offering up all kinds of holiday tips throughout the season but these should help get you started as family, friends and acquaintances you don’t yet know start to pop up in your life more frequently. Take time to give yourself some grace and some grace to those around you and you’ll look back on this year as the best one yet.

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