Simply Stress Free

Simply Stress Free: 5 Small Habits to Reduce Daily Stress

Monday can often mean waking up to an alarm, rushed coffee and a stressful drive to work before clocking in, just in time. That’s not the ideal way to start your week but even if you do, there’s a way to turn it around! You can start taking steps to create an environment that will allow you to have a more tranquil environment so your day can be filled with less stress. 

You can feel overwhelmed in any environment so if it isn’t working for you – maybe for you it’s school or even your home. Moms have one of the most exhausting jobs around and somehow fit three days worth of activities into one day. 

So what’s the fix?

If you feel overwhelmed (or you just want to make some healthy changes), take a moment to get inspired here! Find out which ideas may work for you and try to create a consistent habit.

1. Forget the clutter…

It’s easy for things to pile up in our way which means that we are constantly looking at how behind we are in our work! Instead of having a pile of “must-finish” papers or files on your workspace create a binder for them. Place folders in your binder so you can separate by type and save yourself time flipping through stuff later. Whether you’re stacking up bills, files or paperwork for the kid’s school it will help to have it organized and out of the way. Then you have a clear space to get to work! 

2. Let go of yesterday…

This is easier said than done but there are some easy tricks to make the “I’m so behind” disappear! It’s all about adjusting your mindset. Instead of thinking that you have so much you didn’t get done… you really have a great start for tomorrow’s to-do list. If you keep a calendar move all those unfinished tasks to your new day. You aren’t finishing yesterday’s work you’re already organized for today. If you let yesterday stress you out you will start a cycle where you are already failing the second you wake up because you can’t redo the day before! Give yourself a fresh start.

3. Add some style…

Don’t just add style- add your style! You can’t spend your day surrounded by blah and boring and expect to feel creative or inspired! So grab the pretty decorations, the lovely plants and the feel good sentimental pieces and bring them directly in your view. When you look around you should feel at home in your space no matter where it is! Don’t put off painting the walls of your home or bringing in a picture for work. These little pieces of you that make up your environment will help you feel like you even when things get difficult.

4. Change up your style…

Stuck in a rut? Monotony can add stress because it allows you to feel discontent. It worked when you broke up with that boyfriend who didn’t deserve you and it will work when you’re feeling down about anything negative currently in your life. See a new you when you look in the mirror. It can be a new shirt or jacket, new highlights in your hair or even just a new lipstick. Take a few minutes in the mirror in the morning and take in that beautiful person and tell yourself “I am a new me.” The new you can do anything. You’ve got this.

5. Find a balance…

You aren’t going to get anywhere if you feel miserable. Taking care of yourself is the only way to be successful. If you fall to pieces so does everything else. Important aspects of your life can feel like life or death but they aren’t and there is always a solution that won’t make you pull your hair out. It takes time to find it though. Give yourself that time and sit back and think through what you have to accomplish. If you still feel like you can’t find a less stressful way to get through the day reach out to a friend. Part of being balance in life is knowing when you need someone to help hold you up.

Trying to change everything at once is going to add to your plate and that’s not helpful to anyone. Pick one idea that you think you could easily accomplish without feeling like you added something to your day. Focus on that for three weeks and see how it impacts your mindset. 

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