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The best ideas for a summer wedding.

Summer is a popular season to get married in, especially due to the consistent weather. Here are some ideas, for a sun-loving couple planning a summer themed wedding, to get the summer-loving vibes pulsing.

Summer outfit ideas

One advantage to consistent weather in most parts of the country is that you can wear your dress as it is without having to worry about the perfect cover-up for your open shoulders. You could show some leg with a tea-length dress; and how about dressing your groom and groomsmen in colorful suits.

 The best ideas for a summer wedding.

Hair and make-up

You’re less likely to overheat if you have your hair done up or braided. Make-up can also be a bit tricky at this time of year because of the heat, especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony. You won’t need moisturizer, rather use an oil-free primer; and avoid liquid or cream bronzers. Matte powder is better. Keep eye make-up light and waterproof, and add some summer color to your lips. The lighting in the early-afternoon is quite harsh, so think about having your ceremony a little earlier or later. Make sure that one of your bridesmaids has a touch-up kit readily available.

Embrace the outdoors and the late evenings

Outdoor venues are more popular in the summer because of the long days and the beautiful, balmy evenings. There is more flexibility in scheduling ceremony times as it only gets dark much later. There are also more options for photographs, and with the right flash equipment your photographer will be able to get some magical night time shots. Lawn or outdoor games can be added entertainment for your guests, without having to worry about the rain washing them all away.

 The best ideas for a summer wedding.

Good timing

Summer, especially mid-summer, is better for your guests, because the timing of your wedding won’t conflict with busy school and tight work schedules, and families will be able to get time off. However, make sure to let close friends and family know the dates of your wedding well in advance, so that they don’t make plans to go away. Make the most of the federal holidays, which potentially fall on long weekends. Finding a venue can be challenging and vendor rates may be higher, but with good planning and thorough research you can keep your costs lower.

Many flowers are in full bloom

There is a larger selection of seasonal flowers – such as poppies, sunflowers, freesias, and hydrangeas – in bloom from June to August. These would otherwise be unavailable in other seasons unless imported. Your bouquet has a better chance of being magnificent in the summer and you can be more playful with your color palette. It’s a good idea to have a big vase of water on the bridal table, to keep your bouquet alive during the reception.

Summer catering delights

Cater with seasonal fruit  and local cheeses. You could opt for a brunch or an afternoon tea instead of a heavy sit-down meal. Ice-lollies, jellies, fruit salad, and ice-cream, are all fun summer treats to keep your guests fresh and full of energy for the dance floor.

Keep hydrated

Make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout your day. Create a signature drink for the day. Prosecco is a refreshing option for the summer. Mocktails or smoothies also make delicious summer refreshments.

Practical and pretty decor

You have a bigger color palette to play with. Use bright and cheerful colors, or calming pastel shades. You could have a petal aisle or a flower staircase. Parasols and fans are a fun way of protecting your guests from the searing sun. Set up a beauty station with sunscreen and bug spray; put out baskets full of flip-flops and a funky collection of shades. DIY pompoms and colorful balloons, filled with confetti, are also some playful ways to decorate a summer wedding.

Make your summer wedding a day to remember. Make sure that you set up a photo booth to capture the happy moments.

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