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Top 14 Spring Flowers for Weddings

Spring is a wonderful time to get married and it’s ideal for having your pick of some of the prettiest flowers of the year! Here are 15 spring flowers that will add beauty to your spring wedding. Place them in your bouquet, put them in your hair or add them to table decorations.


1. Peony

Known as the flower of riches and honor, peonies have a lush, round bloom and often are associated with romance and prosperity.


2. Rose

A classic symbol of love and beauty, roses add elegance to any occasion and they come in a variety of colors to match your wedding decor.


3. Sweet Pea

These delicate flowers have a seductive fragrance and are known as symbols of pleasure.


4. Lilac

These beautiful flowers bloom in purple or white and represent first love and innocence.


5. Ranunculus

These trendy and charming flowers come in a variety of rich colors and pair well with other varieties.


6. Hydrangea

Try filling out large arrangements with white hydrangeas or decorate with pink blooms to symbolize love and romance.


7. Tulip

The quintessential spring flower brings freshness to any space. Red tulips symbolize true love.


8. Calla Lily

These elegant flowers are symbols of faith and purity.


9. Gerbera Daisy

A cheerful addition to any event, these flowers which are the fifth most popular flower in the world, can represent innocence, purity, and joy.


10. Magnolia

These striking flowers have large blossoms and are associated with nobility, perseverance and dignity.


11. Disbud

White disbuds are perfect for framing other colorful flowers in bouquets and arrangements. Try them paired with pink or yellow flowers.

12. Freesia

These satiny blooms work well in bridal bouquets and corsages as they come in a variety of pretty pastel colors.

13. Hyacinth

Brides who want real blue flowers should consider hyacinths. They also come in pink, white, yellow, purple, and red.


14. Lily of the Valley

These dainty flowers have a powerful fragrance and look wonderful arranged in clear vases on their own or paired with white or pink blooms.


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