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Home Decor: How to combine a carpet with my furniture?

Home Decor: Carpet

In times of freedom when we talk about home decor, there is no rule about the shapes and colors of your furniture. Minimal or colorful, whatever your favorite is… The most important is to feel happy when you get home and see your home decor. And we all also want to have some style in our home, right? Especially when is about carpets. To help you, we brought some tips about how to decorate your place with a carpet. After all, taking care of these complements is the guarantee of an environment worthy of review.

Home Decor: Carpet


Besides a great idea to include on your home decor, a carpet can also be used as an environment limiter. This helps you to demarcate where your room begins and finishes. In case of your living room or a room with a TV the ideal size of your carpet is at least 20 cm  – or more- under the furniture that composes the room. In spaces with a dinner table, the best choice is, at least, 60 cm beyond the size of the table.  And… What type of shape should I buy? Well, it depends. The rounded shape gives your room a sassy air. The square one is a vintage

Home Decor: Carpet


One of these advantages is the greater feeling of comfort, especially the models that are plusher. Why? Because they are soft to the touch and provide a feeling of coziness. These soft carpets are perfect, for example, to the living room or bedroom. The best? There is no shortage of room or room rug ideas, such as those with high or short, dense fiber. The tip is to use the lower weight models in places of constant movement and where the contact with the carpet will not be constant. Already, for the places where we will be more seated, we will not move in chairs and we will circulate little, the highest ones are a good idea. However, if you are allergic to something it is important to keep this in mind before buying a carpet or even a pillow.

Home Decor: Carpet

Color and Design

The carpet pattern should also be thought in conjunction with the textures, prints or colors existing in the decor. In some projects, the love affair with the carpet stamp is so strong that the project develops from it, but overall, choosing this print is one of the last items to be defined. Therefore, take into account the colors and themes chosen for decoration when choosing a Kilim, Aubusson or Rustic model. The simplest models, such as those made with neutral colors, become more classic and timeless for decoration, there is no mistake! The carpets with tones or prints are perfect for brushstrokes of ambient colors, becoming irreverent, cheerful and current. This is perfect for those who want to give more liveliness to the decoration and differentiate it. The most striking designs are true works of art, and as they end up determining the personality of the environment, they should be presented in the decor, taking care of using lighter coffee tables. The more rustic or with simpler designs do not compromise the decoration in any way, being able to be used with more tranquility. 

Happy with these tips? Now, time to go out and do some shopping!

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