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Top 4 Flower Destinations You Can Roadtrip To!

Are you sitting next to your space heater with long johns, gloves, and a parka plotting your winter escape? Same. How are we keeping warm? By pinning travel inspo, of course! Read on for our top 4 US luscious locations full of fabulous flowers that you can road trip to.

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

A landscape featuring mountains of different shades of Green and clouds, the sunset is bright Orange and it paints the sky with Peach hues. There are purple flowers in the bushes at the front.

These pretty mountain peaks run all the way from Georgia to Pennsylvania, but you’ll find the highest points in North Carolina. The Blue Ridge Mountains are known for the bluish haze, which is produced by the trees and landscape. This mountain range boasts thousands of miles of hiking trails, waterfalls, whitewater rafting, fishing, swimming holes, and scenic drives. And the icing on top? Some of the states’ most beautiful blooms (that are totally pinnable) can be found right along the mountain’s hiking trails. On a day hike, you’ll likely stumble upon varieties including Catawba Rhododendron, Rosebay Rhododendron, Flame Azalea, Bee Balm, Turks Cap Lily, and oh so much more! Keep in mind that many of these flowers bloom somewhere between April and July, so plan your road trip accordingly. 

Bonus tip: Consider heading to the Rhododendron Festival while you’re in town. This festival is typically held in June and features activities, crafts, food, and music celebrating the natural beauty of the region.

Texas Hill Country

A landscape of a river with different rocks and green vegetation to both sides of the shores, the sky is bright Blue and the sun is hiding behind one of the mountains.

They say the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. We say the bluebonnets in spring are a stunning sight, deep in the heart of the Hill Country! Rev up your engine and set your sights on the bluebonnet belt of Central Texas. During the months of March and April, you can enjoy miles and miles of roadside bluebonnets thanks to Texas being the first state to plant flowers alongside the state highways. Flower fun fact: did you know that bluebonnets also come in red and white? This Hill Country-born author didn’t!
Bonus tip: Plan out a hike on these Bluebonnet Trails to see these blue beauties up close and personal! You quickly see why it’s one of the most popular state flowers out there.

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in California

A large field filled with Orange poppies, the Blue sky is seen at the end of the field behind a wooden fence.

How do nearly 2,000 acres of state-protected California reserves sound? What about eight miles of trails with picnic tables so you can eat with a view of the San Gabriel Mountains? Now imagine, on top of that, bright orange petals as far as the eye can see! Sounds like heaven right? Well, it’s Antelope Valley, heaven on earth. This is a must-stop on your next spring road trip as this valley comes alive with countless poppies and other wildflowers between late March to early April. To ensure you have the best chances for catching endless rays of poppy sunshine across the vast hills and meadows of Antelope Valley, it’s best to set out midmorning on a sunny day!

Bonus tip: Follow the park’s Facebook page for updates on the poppies, weather conditions, and trail closings. Plus, start planning out your hike with this trail map.

Cactus Blooms in Arizona

A field full of cacti and other plants that can be found in a desert. The sun is going down while the sky is still Blue.

Mountains ✓, valleys ✓, hills ✓! What’s next on our road trip list? The desert, of course! While we love soft, velvety poppies and delicate, textured bluebonnets, we are also fascinated by blooms that grow from the pricklier side of life. We’re talking about the thorny king of the desert, cactus! While wildflowers are more fickle, cacti preserve their own water, so they’d don’t require a ton of rain to bloom (essential in an arid desert climate like Arizona). Prickly pears, cholla cacti, saguaros, hedgehog cacti, pincushions, and barrel cacti produce yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, and magenta blooms. March to June is when you’re most likely to see the famous prickly pear and saguaro flowers, so a late spring/early summer trip to the Tuscon area would be your best bet for catching these regal and resilient blooms.

Bonus tip: Not sold on this stop? Check out this video and you’ll be packing your bags in no time!

A close up to the feet of a woman using denim pants and brown boots filled with Roses, Spray Roses, Pom poms, Eucalyptus Parvula, and Alstroemerias.

There’s no need for long lines at security or extra baggage fees to see some of the world’s most beautiful blooms!

Just pack some sunscreen, spring clothing, hiking boots, your favorite flower love, and your furry friends and set off on the most beautiful road trip of your life! And who knows, we may just be pinning your travel pics next year.

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