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5 Ways to Make Mom Feel Loved On Mother’s Day And Beyond!

A mom’s work is never done. 

No matter how exhausted she may be, she keeps going. If she’s worried about something, she digs deep and finds hope. Even when she’s down, she always has the energy to be your biggest cheerleader. And in all of life’s madness, mom is always ready to put down everything to take your call. She’s your champion 365 days a year, so why should she get just one?

This is our official pitch to make Mother’s Day….Mother’s month? Year? Mom’s always got you on her mind, so let’s remind her that you’re always thinking about her too. Try a few of the following ways to make sure mom feels the love all year!

Make a Trip Bucket List (And Start Checking Cities Off)

The best part of traveling is sharing your adventures with someone special, and who’s more special than the woman that raised you and made you the unique person you are today? (Answer: very few people) Make new memories in new locations with mom. If you can, turn it into a yearly trip! Be it Australia or an Airbnb in the town over, the most important part will be spending quality time together, away from the constant hustle-bustle of everyday life.

Create a Book Club

Travel to new galaxies and experience new worlds together from the comfort of your living room. Not only will you be able to share new books each month, but you’ll have fun deciding what type of books you want to read, how the discussions will work, and if you want to have themed nights. One theme could be a Foodie Book Club where club members make a dish related to the book. Now go think about who you want to invite! When it comes to learning, the more the merrier.

Create a Shared Playlist

This is one of the easiest tasks on the list, so there’s no reason to not try! Music is a powerful thing to share. In the words of Heinrich Heine, “Where words leave off, music begins.” Create a playlist that you and your mom can share. Fill it with songs that remind you of good times and new songs to excite you both for years to come. If mom doesn’t have the same music platform you do, think about getting her a subscription so you can enjoy it together. This shared playlist will always make her think of you when she has it on while she’s driving around town or cooking her favorite meal.

Start a Hobby Together

Whether you and your mom live in the same city or thousands of miles away, the busyness of life can make it hard to stay in touch. One way to do so is by starting a new hobby together. List out some hobbies you can do together no matter the distance. One such activity is learning how to write calligraphy and hand lettering. Then you can send hand-made letters back and forth. If you both want to be more connected with nature, consider taking on gardening together. If you’re new to the gardening world, start here for some tips from the Enjoy Flowers Farm Team.

Send Unique Bouquets Each Month

Mom loves flowers, so send her what she loves, on repeat with an Enjoy Flowers subscription. Each month she’ll receive a box containing a hand-tied bouquet of cut-to-order flowers wrapped in seasonal packaging that is 100% recyclable. Each arrangement is teeming with 30-35 stems of classic and hard-to-find varieties, perfect for one overflowing bouquet or multiple generous bouquets. She’ll also find instructions and flower food to ensure her blooms last 2x longer than store-bought. You can add a personalized card on the first delivery so you can tell mom how much you care!

Mother’s Day is upon us! Send mom a 1, 3, or 6-month flower subscription from our deluxe Designer Collection. Save 15% with code MDAY15 at checkout.

Queen for More Than Just a Day

A mom’s work may never be done, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t feel appreciated and loved. With just a bit of extra effort, thought, and a few clicks, you’re going to show mom that all her hard work is totally worth it!

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