Mothers day gifts
Mothers day

Mother’s Day gifts you must avoid

Mother’s Day gifts you must avoid

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to let Mom know how much you appreciate her. Knowing what not to get her is as important as knowing what she likes. So before you start brainstorming for the perfect gift, make sure you read this Mother’s Day gifts you must avoid list.

1. Diet or fitness products:

Don’t ever suggest your Mom is fat or should watch out for her weight, specially don’t do it as a Mother’s Day gift.

2. Wrinkle creams:

Avoid gifts that remind her that she’s not aging so gracefully. You’re telling her she’s both old and wrinkly. Also don’t go for the alternative basket full of soaps and creams. Your Mom already has her own soaps and shampoos she uses regularly, let her choose how to take care of her own skin.

Mother’s Day gifts you must avoid

3. A self-help book:

Talk about a condescending gift. Getting her a book about ways she could improve herself is a really bad idea. It’s not a very special Mother’s Day gift to suggest your mom needs help.

As a general observation for the first three Mother’s Day gifts you must avoid: You don’t want to give your mom the impression you think she’s fat, messy and unstylish (Happy Mother’s Day!).

4. Kitchen or cleaning equipment:

Your mom is not your maid. So, unless it’s a robot (or Rosie from the Jetsons), don’t ruin her day by suggesting she’s great at cleaning and cooking and should do it more.

Mother’s Day gifts you must avoid

5. A pet:

Your mom already spent the last several decades making sure you had everything. Giving Mom a new puppy means money and responsibilities. Also, it can give the wrong idea and transmit the sentiment of “I’ve realized you’re so lonely lately”.

6. Anything that is really for you:

We’ve all done this at some point. Weather it’s an actual object, taking her to a concert or a football match involving your favorite team. If you get more excited than she would, don’t buy it.

7. Money:

It’s not a Mother’s Day gift; it’s no special occasion gift. Money is impersonal and essentially says: “I don’t know what you want or like, but this buys stuff.” You can do better than that.

8. Nothing

For the love of God, this woman raised you. Get it together!

It’s a time for flowers, fancy brunches, and thanking Mom for putting up with your crap. It is not the time to get her a last-minute Hallmark card with your signature scribbled in the corner, a crusty pasta sculpture, a finger-painted portrait or any of the previous Mother’s Day gifts you must avoid.

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