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Dos and don’ts to buy on Cyber Monday

There are two events at the end of every year, sometimes more chaotic than Christmas and New Years Eve together, that people long for: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That’s why we will like to give you some tips specifically about Cyber Monday that can help you to take the best deals and enjoy this magical time without losing money or your mind.

Dos and don’ts to buy on Cyber Monday


First Cyber Monday rule: set a budget
It’s common during this time to be bombarded with tones of offers. So, decide the budget way before and stick to it. Be strong and resist. “…Having a list next to you while shopping will make it easier to stick to your budget,” Phil Dengler, head of content marketing for Best Black Friday.

Always compare
You did your research, planned your budget and have the list of what you need. Now it’s time to buy but don’t rush and jump into the first offer, somewhere deep in the Cyber Monday deals it may be a killing price tag. There are some apps you can use to compare prices and get the best discounts.

Get social
Most of the stores use social media to promote their deals and offer special treats to their most loyal followers. So, take advantage of being glued to your phone and stay tune with your favorite retailers. Don’t miss good deals for being disconnected.


Don’t rush, do your research
This tip will help you to avoid being trick on Cyber Monday. Have in mind the things you wanna buy and look for them weeks before so you can make sure you’re actually taking home a real discount.

Don’t oversleep
If you’re looking for something in particular, don’t wait to log in at the same time than everyone else. Some retailers lunch special offers at early hours on specific categories or super discounted products. So, if you pay attention to the lists they publish in advance you may catch the best deals.

Don’t give what everyone else
A great idea to surprise your love ones is to invest in different and creative gifts rather than give what everyone else. For instance, buy subscriptions, gift cards or online coupon codes that will be useful anytime of the year.

Bonus track

Beyond the prices and the deals offered on Cyber Monday, there is one thing you must prioritize above all: your security.

Dos and don’ts to buy on Cyber Monday

While you are shopping, they may be someone else behind your personal and financial information. Please, be aware of any weird activity in your bank account or credit cards.

Dos and don’ts to buy on Cyber Monday

No matter if it’s the deal you were waiting for, if you are not at a safe place, don’t rush and wait to be on your personal computer and on a secure WIFI network. There are a lot of private and financial information you’ll need to fill out in order to purchase.

Dos and don’ts to buy on Cyber Monday

Finally, go to the official sites and don’t relay on search engines. You may be tricked into fake websites.

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