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To DIY, or not to DIY your wedding flowers?

“Should I DIY my wedding flowers, or not?”

While there’s no general “right answer” to this question…
there’s likely an answer that’s right for YOU!

That’s what we’re here to help you determine: To DIY, or not to DIY your wedding flowers?

Take the time to mindfully consider these 2 key questions,
and you’ll have a clear sense of which is the path for you in no time.

Let’s dig in…

  1. Do you have the TEAM to DIY?

Do you have a useful and selfless team of bridesmaids, cousins or friends who are ready to help you bring your dream wedding to life? If you’re going DIY with your wedding flowers, this is the project to call in the team for!

If you have plenty of help waiting in the wings, you can pull off DIY wedding flowers with no problem. If, however, you’ve already assigned all your teammates to week-of wedding projects, you’ll want to be careful with how much more DIY you bring into the game plan.

Whether you’re going for the full DIY or with an easier-on-you DIY option, you’re going to need a little help. Plus, isn’t what’s done as a team always a bit more fun?


2. Do you have the TIME to DIY?

Time is a precious resource – especially when it comes to the week of your wedding. So, when choosing whether or not you DIY your wedding flowers, you must consider if you will have enough time, in the days before your wedding, to manage this project.

If you have chosen not to DIY much else for your big day, you may in fact have time to spare, making DIY a practical choice. However, if you’ve committed to a long to-do list already, this could prove tricky.

If you feel you have at least some time to dedicate to your flowers during the wedding week, you can now consider what level of DIY you’re up for.

Thinking YES to DIY? Which level of DIY is best?

DIY can range in time investment from very labor intensive to quite minimal. You can choose to be so involved that you’re the one physically picking the flowers up, or you can do a less heavy-lifting DIY version where you’re simply in charge of arranging and placing them once they arrive!

Providing floral sets including everything from arches and garlands to centerpieces and cake flowers, our DIY experience allows you to save both time and money, while personalizing with your unique style! Our hybrid model gives you flexibility to save on the pieces we know you can handle, while delivering fully-arranged bouquets so the hard part comes ready-to-enjoy!

So, if you’re looking to save money and time, but want the key pieces (those beautiful bouquets) to be crafted by the pros… don’t count DIY out. Just consider our easy-on-you hybrid DIY option!

So, to DIY or not to DIY your wedding flowers… that’s the big question!

Now that you’ve taken a moment to truly consider if you have the time and the team to make DIY wedding flowers work for you, what’s your decision?

I’m ready to enjoy wedding flowers!


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