Find your inner peace transforming drama into something positive

As human beings we experience in our life moments of joy, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement and also moments where we have big and little problems and we feel unable to decide, to see a way out of what were feeling we feel our self’s drowning in a cup of water, that’s called drama

Even though we feel that way, there are different techniques we can apply in order to transform drama into something positive. Here we want to give you some advices in order to see, that drama is also an element that forces us to find peace and happiness. 

  1. First of all, we need to identify those situations where we start transforming what we are feeling into something dramatic. 
  2. Every situations has different faces, almost every time one positive and one negative, you need to change your perspective about what’s making you feel overwhelmed and it’s pushing you to see only the dramatic face of it. 
  3. Once you changed your perspective about the situation, close your eyes inhale and exhale five times, this is necessary in order to clarify our minds and feel some peace inner peace. 
  4. Now list the positive aspects you found, at least three if you find more its even better. 
  5. Analyze those aspects and interiorize them. 
  6. Once you analyzed and understood each aspect you identified, its time for you to realize its only matter of breathing deeply and a little beat of time for you to realize each difficult and dramatic situation has a positive way, that without doubts will help you grow as a human being.

But don’t worry drama is something that everyone feels and experience; you’re not the only one. What makes us different from the rest is the way we resolve those dramatic situations and learn from them in order to bring happiness and peace into our life. 

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