Thanksgiving is about celebrating family and togetherness, so what better way to connect all your favorite people than a cheerful dinner conversation about your elegant DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece? In this video, Head Florist Hernando Salazar creates fancy floral centerpiece using a statement gold vase and matching tea candle holders. Read More

There’s no doubt that the meaning of flowers goes way beyond scent, decor and design. The most popular flowers that are sold in local floral and grocery shops can tell a lot about the human personality and the behaviors associated. You are a direct reflection of the company that you keep. Here are five of America’s best selling flowers and what they may mean about your personality. Read More

Fall is the season that is in between seasons, so why not take advantage of the last of summer florals? Head Florist Hernando Salazar shows how to mix summer and fall blooms in not one, but two fall bouquets, that make the perfect centerpiece for a cozy or grand Autumn dinner. Read More

Say goodbye to summer peonies and hello to fall’s favorite orange daisies, cushions and carnations. Just in time for Halloween, create a rustic fall bouquet with for your spooky holiday decor. Like our previous DIY floral arrangement videos, nurturing a green thumb is all about practice and detail. Our head florist, Hernando Salazar shows us how easy it is to create one huge seasonal bouquet.  Choose a wicked chic vase and get ready to fall in love with these fall florals. Read More

When the season’s change, one of the primary signs of new weather is how nature shows its true colors.  Autumn and overall cooler temperatures bring about the prettiest flowers that bloom in the Fall.  It’s very much about orange, daisies, poinsettias, and extra accessories like mini pumpkin centerpieces to make your floral arrangement mesmerizing. When it comes to fall, these 10 go-to flowers will make this traditional holiday season special. Read More

Flowers Used in this Arrangement:

  • Eucaliptus
  • Pink Lily
  • Pink Daisy
  • White Daisy
  • Pink Matsumoto
  • White Button
  • Pink Button
  • White Alstro

The best part about harvesting a garden full of wildflowers is that you’ll never get bored of the options. Every bouquet you will create with your flowers of choice will be slightly different. All you need is a good amount of countertop space to prepare an arrangement eight different flowers for one huge bouquet of fresh cut flowers. Read More

Hernando Salazar was born in Bogotá, Colombia, where his love for flowers stems not only from his experience in the luxury world, but his upbringing in the lush terrains of South America.  Although, his ambition was to be an architect,  by the time he finished college, he became fixated on the world of fashion and decided to work as a lifestyle editor at a magazine. Read More

Aside from the delicious meal, the ultimate dinner party experience is all about the accessories and the perfect flowers to match your adorned and picture perfect table. Some people start with the flowers and then go about rearranging and adding their personal style to the table. While others use their flowers for the finishing touches. Read More

There are several flowers that will make you cat (or dog!) sick and they happen to be the best-selling, most flagrant-smelling plants in the flower market. But everything that’s beautiful is not always good for you. Keep your flowers away from your pets by placing them on elevated surfaces that your pets know better not to bother. Read More

There’s nothing more relaxing and rewarding than arranging your own delivery of flowers just how you want it– even if it means dividing up a huge bouquet of flowers into a few small bouquets. Instead of buying a bunch of different arrangements for different spaces in your home, tap into your inner florist by using one bouquet to create super cute and smaller arrangements. This is ideal for apartments or smaller living spaces. Read More