Roses are the official flower mascot for celebrating Valentine’s Day and in this floral DIY video, Enjoy Flowers Head Florist Hernando Salazar creates a beautiful arrangement using a medley of red and pink roses. As we ease into the season of love, embrace it even more with the flowers that bring out your inner smooth operator.  How much do I love you? Count the petals in this bouquet.  Here are five steps to arranging a chic bouquet for any surface that you and your loved one will enjoy all month long. Read More

In this elegant DIY, Head Enjoy Flowers Florist Hernando Salazar creates a simple arrangement to fit into a tall cylinder vase. This pinterest-worthy arrangement idea is an easy way to decorate any bare living space. Get this look by using a few fresh long -stemmed wild flowers and trendy tall vase. Read More

One of the benefits of traveling to a new place is observing the plants native to that region. With each new environment and climate, welcomes a new exotic flower,  and you can bet that every city or town has a botanical garden waiting to be visited. In the spirit of travel and enjoying flowers, we’ve compiled the world’s most beautiful arboretums and greenhouses that are sprawling with acres of antique and marble pathways, ornate water statues, endless rows of wildflowers and other beautiful formations. Read More

In this flower arrangement tutorial, Head Florist Salazar Hernando makes decorating any space using a variety of flowers and vases super easy. Prepare to get creative and sprinkle your own personal touch on vacant corners of your home using blush organza inspired arrangements. Go with the flow and create mini centerpieces if you have a few lingering stems from a bouquet you’ve already arranged in your go-to vase. Read More

This season’s centerpiece is heavily inspired by simplifying what it means to style a contemporary dinner table.  In this DIY video, Enjoy Flowers Head Florist Hernando Salazar creates a miniature garden of love using a medley of  roses and a few popular red flowers. Color and minimalism will speak volumes during your holiday feast, here are 6 steps to creating this very red bouquet for your holiday centerpiece. Read More

‘Tis the season to share your favorite things with your favorite people, and whether you’re a giver or receiver, everyone enjoys a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to innovative companies whose sole purpose is to simplify life, there is a product out there for just about any personality and any age group. Just like an Enjoy Flowers monthly or bimonthly delivery of fresh-cut flowers or a subscription to a literary magazine, these gifts will never go unused. From greenthumb-inspired stocking stuffers to a last minute poleana gift, here are some super easy and most importantly thoughtful gift ideas. Read More

At last! Your monthly or bi-weekly floral arrangement just arrived and all you want to do is spread the joy throughout your living spaces. Gather your favorite small vases and decorate the chic corners of your home with one bouquet split and spirals into five small arrangements. Read More

Thanksgiving is about celebrating family and togetherness, so what better way to connect all your favorite people than a cheerful dinner conversation about your elegant DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece? In this video, Head Florist Hernando Salazar creates fancy floral centerpiece using a statement gold vase and matching tea candle holders. Read More

There’s no doubt that the meaning of flowers goes way beyond scent, decor and design. The most popular flowers that are sold in local floral and grocery shops can tell a lot about the human personality and the behaviors associated. You are a direct reflection of the company that you keep. Here are five of America’s best selling flowers and what they may mean about your personality. Read More

Fall is the season that is in between seasons, so why not take advantage of the last of summer florals? Head Florist Hernando Salazar shows how to mix summer and fall blooms in not one, but two fall bouquets, that make the perfect centerpiece for a cozy or grand Autumn dinner. Read More